Camera Basics: Canon 7D By Larry Becker

1 hr 3 min
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Larry Becker is the guy behind the inexpensive photography solutions and DIYs featured on DTownTV. That's about all you really need to know, but if you're still curious about the man behind the cheap solutions, click here....

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  1. Profile photo of jwagner32407 jwagner32407

    I have the Mark II. I watched this since there are lots of similar functions, but it’s definitely different enough to warrant a separate class. I hope you all put out a course for the Mark II soon.

  2. Profile photo of pault213 pault213

    Metering modes were brief discussed, but nothing really on when to use them. Need way more on video, actually a separate course on Canon 7D video. I was never explain how to actually insert a name in copyright information.

  3. Profile photo of FRTAV FRTAV

    It give a general view, in a professional way. Short on the point, not really for beginner but for who already is on the field of Photography.
    After I went trough all videos I made some adjustment for my camera, so thank you! —- Yes, please post my feedback

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