Professional Portrait Retouching, Part 2, with Scott Kelby

In part two of this course, Scott goes over some more retouching techniques, including how to soften skin, add skin contrast, touch up clothing and backgrounds, remove blemishes, and alter the nose of your subject.

In part two of this course, Scott goes over some more retouching techniques, including how to soften skin, add skin contrast, touch up clothing and backgrounds, remove blemishes, and alter the nose of your subject.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:44)

Professional Portrait Retouching, Part 2

Lesson 2: Removing Blemishes (Duration 10:22)

In this lesson, you will learn the most popular technique for removing blemishes and another facial skin irregularities, along with our first mini-introduction to remove wrinkles under the eyes using the Patch tool.

Lesson 3: Removing Blemishes, Part 2 (Duration 07:57)

We continue with removing blemishes, but I introduce an alternative method you can use when you need to maintain 100% texture and skin tone. We also tackle a color problem with the eyes in the image.

Lesson 4: Skin Softening, Part 1 (Duration 14:39)

Here you will learn how to soften skin yet maintain believable skin texture, and we will look at different types of softening so you determine which one look best for the type of retouching you want to do.

Lesson 5: Skin Softening, Part 2 (Duration 04:11)

This lesson picks up from the previous lesson, and shows how to create a simple mask to bring back, and control the amount of skin texture.

Lesson 6: Soft Tar Filter Skin Softening (Duration 06:39)

This is a skin softening technique developed by Eddie Tapp that simulates the effect of a traditional softtar filter by softening the highlights and shadows separately.

Lesson 7: High Contrast Portrait Effect (Duration 09:32)

This is an effect that is very popular right now (you see it in everything from movie posters to CD covers), but before we do the effect, we have to do some quick retouching as well.

Lesson 8: Creating Skin Texture When Using Super Softening (Duration 08:40)

If you really need the skin to be soft, but want the appearance of skin texture at the same time, you will love this pro trick for faking skin texture. Plus, a look at a third type of softening for skin.

Lesson 9: Adding Skin Contrast, Method 1 (Duration 03:29)

Here you will learn a very trendy retouching technique to make the highlights and shadows of the skin have more contrast. You will also learn how to bring back the original contrast where you need it.

Lesson 10: Adding Skin Contrast, Method 2 (Duration 05:07)

This second method takes a few more steps, but has a more dramatic effect, not just on the skin, but on the overall image.

Lesson 11: Sharpening Skin on Male and Female Subjects (Duration 05:13)

How we sharpen the skin on men and women varies greatly because we have different goals for how men and women's skin is supposed to look. Here is how to do both.

Lesson 12: Clothes Retouch (Duration 09:52)

Once you see what a difference a couple of minutes of retouching on clothes will make, you will always apply this technique to take your retouch to that next level.

Lesson 13: Background Retouch (Duration 04:55)

Here is how I retouched the background for the Clothes Retouch image we used in the previous lesson. This technique is all about faking lighting in Photoshop and how to use blend modes to create light where there is none.

Lesson 14: Removing Wrinkles (Duration 06:43)

You knew this had to be in this class somewhere, right? Well, here it is. I do show you one little thing you can do to help make your wrinkle removal look all that more realistic and natural.

Lesson 15: Slimming Your Subject (Duration 05:17)

It is the easiest and perhaps the most often used retouching technique. We will look at a method of slimming the face of your subject by dodging and burning.

Lesson 16: Nose Retouch and Reduction (Duration 04:41)

Here you will learn two different techniques for reducing the size of the nose, each with their own advantages and caveats.

Lesson 17: Nose Retouch From a Different Angle (Duration 01:45)

Here is a slightly modified technique to use when the nose it at a different angle, or when you need to reduce the curve of, or a bump on, the nose.

Lesson 18: From Start to Finish Retouch, Part 1 (Duration 16:39)

Here we start with the original file out of the camera and I take you step-by-step through the entire retouch, fixing problems along the way.

Lesson 19: From Start to Finish Retouch, Part 2 (Duration 16:30)

We pick up where we left off and look at maintaining or creating realistic skin texture, adding skin contrast, cleaning up clothes, adding hair highlights, sculpting the face, and wrapping up the entire retouch.

Lesson 20: Conclusion (Duration 00:42)

Professional Portrait Retouching, Part 2

Meet Your Instructor: Scott Kelby

Scott is the President and CEO of KelbyOne, is also the original “Photoshop Guy”, is the Cofounder and CEO of Kelby Media Group, the editor and publisher of Photoshop User…


  1. Absolutely LOVED this 2 part course. I have been searching and searching for the 'proper' techniques to make my portrait photos the best they can be. Scott Kelby is the Master. Brilliant exponent of banter while you work. In the words of Dirty Harry...You Made My Day. Thanks Scott. I will re-watch this a few dozen more times to get it all solidly in the brainbox. Cheers, Mark

  2. Outstanding. Easy to follow, with some real life experience from Scott coming through. A difficult subject made incredibly simple. I now have a lot more confidence to retouch images. Thanks Scott, really appreciated Regards Brett Walters from New Zealand

  3. An excellent presentation. Well presented, organized, comprehensible. Its so nice to be able to stop the presentation to take notes. Thats a big advantage over a live presentation somewhere. Thanks Scott Phil

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