Professional Portrait Retouching, with Scott Kelby

Learn professional techniques for making your subjects look their very best using Adobe Photoshop.

Learn professional techniques for making your subjects look their very best using Adobe Photoshop.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 09:26)

Introduction to Professional Portrait Retouching by Scott Kelby

Lesson 2: Creating Catchlights (Duration 10:45)

Learn how to make sure the eyes of your subject have sparkle by adding catchlights, including two different ways to create catchlights from scratch.

Lesson 3: Enhancing Catchlights (Duration 05:37)

How to make any existing catchlights more prominent, and a cool trick for replicating the Octabank reflection look.

Lesson 4: Reducing Eye Redness (Duration 09:27)

How to reduce or remove redness and veins in the eyes, and how to use the Healing Brush with the Clone Stamp Tool to remove objects that overlap (like stray eyelashes).

Lesson 5: Making Eyes Larger (Duration 05:53)

A seamless way to make the eyes look larger (popular for fashion portraits), or to balance the size of the eyes so that the eye farther away from the camera looks balanced with the eye closest to the camera. An alternate technique for making eyes larger i

Lesson 6: Whitening the Eyes (Duration 04:27)

A quick and easy technique for making both the whites of the eyes, and the eyes themselves looks more interesting, colorful, and bright.

Lesson 7: Enhancing Eye Contrast (Duration 04:40)

Here is a great technique for adding contrast and depth to the eyes using an Adjustment Layer. By using this adjustment layer, you get a live preview of how your final eye contrast will look as you make your tweaks.

Lesson 8: Changing Eye Color (Duration 04:01)

Two simple techniques for changing eye color. One uses a source image to sample a real eye color from, and the other uses nothing but an Adjustment Layer to complete the retouch.

Lesson 9: Removing Dark Circles (Duration 06:39)

Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes is often a two-step job, using two different tools to overcome a side effect of the retouch.

Lesson 10: Enhancing Eyelashes (Duration 04:03)

This simple technique is time-consuming, but at least the final results are worth it. I also cover how to darken eyebrows as well using a simple modification to the technique.

Lesson 11: Adding or Enhancing Make-up (Duration 02:44)

Here I show you an easy way to enhance the make-up (or add make-up) to your subject. Most important is that you retain complete control over the amount after the application of the makeup.

Lesson 12: Making Eyes Twinkle (Duration 02:38)

If you can make the eyes look really sharp without harming the rest of the photo, you will get a really nice twinkle in the eyes that captures the attention of the viewer. Here is how it is done.

Lesson 13: Changing and Enhancing Hair Color (Duration 04:24)

How to use Adjustment Layers to change and enhance hair color, and control the overlay tone of the hair.

Lesson 14: Removing Stray Hairs (Duration 11:30)

Almost every portrait, male or female, requires a bit of clean-up when it comes to stray hairs. In this lesson, we cover the easy fix-ups, and the one that cause problems, using two different tools.

Lesson 15: Adding Highlights to Hair (Duration 06:32)

Two techniques for enhancing the natural highlights in the hair of your subject to add more depth and dimension to your portrait.

Lesson 16: Removing Stubble (Duration 04:18)

Here is how to remove stubble (or one-day growth) from the skin of a male subject, as well as how to deal with three-day growth, and the skin tone problem this often creates.

Lesson 17: Eliminating Hotspots (Duration 05:05)

How to remove those shiny looking areas on the face of your subject while still maintaining texture, highlights, and tone.

Lesson 18: Retouching Teeth (Duration 07:00)

In this lesson, you will learn how to removing yellowing, brighten teeth, fix misshapen teeth, and remove any other distracting elements (aka food).

Lesson 19: Add a Smile (Duration 05:54)

This is a technique that has saved many a group portrait; the ability to add a little smile to the face of your subject.

Lesson 20: Creating Fuller Lips (Duration 05:58)

Here you will learn three different techniques for making lips look fuller and richer, and how to apply them based on the view of your subject.

Lesson 21: Reducing Jowels and Fixing a Closed Eye (Duration 07:17)

In this lesson we are covering two techniques: the first how to slim the face by reducing their jowels and chin area, and how to deal with a photo where one eye is squinting or closed.

Lesson 22: Conclusion (Duration 00:41)

Thanks for joining in. Hope that you learned a lot. Be on the look out for Part 2 of this course.

Meet Your Instructor: Scott Kelby

Scott is the President and CEO of KelbyOne, is also the original “Photoshop Guy”, is the Cofounder and CEO of Kelby Media Group, the editor and publisher of Photoshop User…


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