Photographing the Moon, Stars and Milky Way By Jennifer Wu

1 hr 14 min

Landscape photography doesn’t end when the sun goes down! Join Jennifer Wu, a Canon Explorer of Light, as she guides you through everything you need to know to start photographing stars and the night sky. You’ll learn about the equipment you need to capture the scene, how to research your subjects, the importance of scouting your location, the key camera settings, how to post process your photographs, and so much more!

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Join Jennifer as she goes over the topics that will be covered in this class.
Learn about the recommended cameras, lenses, and other equipment for night photography.
There are a number of excellent resources to help you determine where to find the milky way and the moon in the night sky.
There are 5 settings to understand for capturing stars as points of light.
Focusing on a night sky presents some challenges to overcome.
After you've done your research on where the milky way or moon are going to rise it is time to scout your location for interesting foreground elements.
Having all the elements in place, it is now your job to create the most compelling composition possible.
There are a number of factors to consider when shooting the moon.
Light painting is a really fun way to expand your photographic options after the sun goes down.
Your post processing workflow is where you can correct problems and really make your photos pop.
Photoshop can also be used to blend different exposures into a single image with a greater dynamic range, or to come up with other creative effects.
Jennifer wraps up the class with an introduction to time-lapse photography.
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Jennifer Wu


Jennifer Wu is a nature and landscape photographer, specializing in creating stunning images of the night sky and stars. Since January 2009 Canon U.S.A. selected Jennifer to be one of the world's 36 best photographers for the Explorer Of Light program, an elite group of internationally recognized photographers. Jennifer is the co-author a...

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  1. Profile photo of erik.dewilde erik.dewilde

    Waw, what an amazing photographer, I am really impressed. Thanks Kelby to give us this opportunity having lessons from Jennifer Wu.

  2. Profile photo of robdowner robdowner

    Great work! Heaps of helpful tips.

  3. Profile photo of Carl Leder Carl Leder

    Mostly a refresher course on what I already knew but also some good points to better prepare and improve on my so-so images. Now to practise practise practise.

  4. Profile photo of

    Just what I was looking for to expand my skills, Thank you very much!!

  5. Profile photo of John Mattatall John Mattatall

    I started taking night shots and now I know the adjustments I have to make to the camera settings, great class!

  6. Profile photo of marlysa marlysa

    Excellent class. I loved the whole class, but the time lapse was so breath taking.. I will watching and learning from this class over and over till I get it…

  7. Profile photo of donleebrown donleebrown

    Excellent class and lots of approaches to try!

  8. Profile photo of davepattusa davepattusa

    What an excellent course and presentation! The time lapse sequences were nothing short of breathtaking. I will be checking out my camera’s intervalometer feature very soon!

  9. Profile photo of basstard basstard

    Loving the course but must agree with Samuel that some kind of PDF or e-book file with the course outline/tips would be brilliant. I’m spending so much time taking notes that I have to keep pausing the course. Love your work.

  10. Profile photo of mhodgen mhodgen

    Excellent! I loved the pace – and topic was explained very well. Looking forward to putting it into practice right away. Thanks!

  11. Profile photo of brauna brauna

    WOWWWWWW!!! Amazing, I was curious on how to get your amazing shots. Thanks a lot, now to put all I learned into practice. By far the best course and really tweeked my interest in this type of photography.

  12. Profile photo of jefskott jefskott

    Thanks, Jennifer. I loved this short course. As mentioned above, and I’m sure you will include in your book, I would love to see in one place those settings. Loved the time-lapse video, and now I really need to go out and practice much of what I knew going into this, but also all the new stuff you presented. I had been shooting my 24mm (crop-frame) at 15-20 seconds, which resulted in softer than I would like images. When I dropped just down to 13 seconds, all of a sudden, I got much better point light. Thank you again!

  13. Profile photo of Kay Collins Kay Collins

    We want more videos on night stuff, love it.

  14. Profile photo of x_tine x_tine

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful knowledge! I watched every second of this course and loved it! I cannot wait to get started!

  15. Profile photo of azef azef

    Can I shoot the Milky Way existence of the city lights?
    Is there a way?

  16. Profile photo of SergeAMH SergeAMH

    Very nice and interesting tutorial. I learned quite a bit of things. All I have to do now is leave Mexico City and it’s lights from 25 million people far away enough for me to be able to capture some beautiful images!

  17. Profile photo of pkolenda pkolenda

    Great class and wonderful photos.

  18. Profile photo of barbaraz6 barbaraz6


  19. Profile photo of micolh1 micolh1

    Really enjoyed the the course. Now if I Could lose my D90 and get a D4

  20. Profile photo of Joseph Crawford Joseph Crawford

    This was a great video training course. I loved watching it and gained some insight into how to photograph the night sky.

  21. Profile photo of pcarbonell pcarbonell

    Really great class. Clear, concise with just the right amount of examples. Having tried some night sky photography,I can certainly identify with the challenges involved.

    Though I wish I’d had these insights before, I really did learn a lot from the class. I thought the guidance on aperture and focal length will come in very handy. But the best tips for me were the different focusing methods! I’d been tossing around the idea of springing for a Hoodman Loupe and this was just the reason I needed to put me over the edge.

    Great job Jennifer! And thank you Kelbyone for taking on this topic.

  22. Profile photo of marieglynn marieglynn

    I didn’t think I was interested in shooting the night sky but it’s a new class and I had some free time so I figured what the heck, check it out.

    Jennifer is a GREAT INSTRUCTOR and between the knowledge she shared, her enthusiasm and the fun she had teaching, now I can’t imagine life without taking shots of the night sky. Her presentation is clear; the presentation slides sum up all the equipment needs and technical considerations. I am so fired up.

    Once again, thanks KelbyOne!

  23. Profile photo of Jan Doddy Jan Doddy

    Very interesting! Something I think I’ll try with my travel photography. Great course Jennifer, I really enjoyed it!

  24. Profile photo of

    Exactly what I was waiting for. GREAT COURSE. Well done Jennifer. I decided to buy your book as well!!! I hope your tips and tricks work as well here in Switzerland ;-)

  25. Profile photo of Ivan Boden Ivan Boden

    Wow! Jennifer Wu covers everything you need to know to get started in night sky photography. Excellent class.

    And, the time lapse film at the end is spectacular.

  26. Profile photo of samuelto samuelto

    It will be great if you can provide a short PDF file to outline those tips and tricks with the suggested lens used. Great presentation and tons of information to explore.

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