Wedding Photography Systems, with Justin Wojtczak

Take your wedding photography business to the next level with Justin Wojtczak’s systematic approach to building and running a successful wedding photography business.

At the end of the day it is about the level of service you give your bride and groom, and Justin takes you through every step in the process of completing a successful wedding shoot, from the engagement session to the consultation, and from the wedding day itself to the delivery of treasured photographs. All along the way Justin shares pro-level tips, tricks, and techniques for elevating your photography above the competitions and creating an experience for your client that can help grow your business through referrals and word of mouth.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:13)

Join Justin and Justin as they introduce the class and go over the material that will be covered.

Lesson 2: Financial Side of the Wedding Business (Duration 06:15)

These are things you need to know about and deal with to be a successful business.

Lesson 3: Pricing Your Services (Duration 06:40)

Justin breaks down all of the costs you need to consider when setting your prices.

Lesson 4: Advertising Your Business (Duration 04:19)

You need to build your base of clients by advertising your services.

Lesson 5: The Consultation (Duration 05:31)

The consultation is critical to starting the experience with the bride and groom.

Lesson 6: The Engagement Session (Duration 07:23)

The engagement session can be a complimentary component to the wedding shoot. It is a great way to get to know your clients and begin to build trust.

Lesson 7: The Wedding Day Breakdown (Duration 05:50)

Justin takes you through the breakdown of the actual wedding day.

Lesson 8: The Gear (Duration 08:56)

Justin begins by talking about the gear they first started with, then takes you through their progression and explains why they chose the new gear they have now.

Lesson 9: The Ring Shot (Duration 05:04)

Having a few signature shots can help your business standout from the rest. This is a walk through of some of their signature shots.

Lesson 10: The Snapshot Video (Duration 05:57)

The snapshot video is a combination of video and stills that highlights the best moments of your wedding day.

Lesson 11: Second Shooter (Duration 03:28)

Here are a few tips for being a second shooter.

Lesson 12: Process and Delivery (Duration 05:42)

Justin walks through what happens after the wedding is over.

Lesson 13: Conclusion (Duration 02:16)

Justin wraps up the class with a talk on what this business is all about.

Meet Your Instructor: Justin Wojtczak

Justin is one of the rising stars of the wedding photography world in Atlanta, Georgia. His photographic roots trace back to his family’s connection to Kodak, and his love for…


  1. Hi all, First of all let me thank you for this "tremendous" class ! However, at several points during the class Jutin mentions that in addition to the videos, course files are made available on Kelbyone website. Though, I looked for them, I didn't find them. Could anyone tell me where I could retrieve them ? Thank you in advance for your kind support ! By the way, today is a great day, I just renewed my membership to Kelbyone ! Thank you all guys !

  2. We apologize for the delay in getting the downloads posted for this course. They can now be found at the "Course Files" link, to the right of the main image above. Web Editor -

  3. This is the very BEST class tht I have watched on K1. I'm very new to the wedding photography world. You guy are awesome! Keep up the great work! Thanks again! DesignzByDavis

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