Drawing With Light - 21st Century Dodging and Burning By John Paul Caponigro

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These essential go-to techniques will help you master selections and masks; simple masks, gradient masks, luminance masks, contour masks and more. Plus, learn to control the position and quality of every transition and edge.

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Enhance luminosity, hue, and saturation with brushes
Most of the adjustment layers will create unwanted side effects. This lesson covers some ways to work around those.
Make simple selections and masks
Create smooth gradations in masks
Control the placement and hardness of mask edges
Mask shadows or highlights
Precisely and efficiently select contours in an image
Layer exposures of varied light to create new light effects
Here are some tips for navigating masks and improving your workflow.
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John Paul Caponigro


John Paul Caponigro, the author of Adobe Photoshop Master Class, is an internationally reknowned artist. A contributing editor for Digital Photo Pro and Camera Arts and a columnist for Photoshop User and apple.com, he teaches workshops both privately in his studio and at select public venues. A member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame, a Cano...

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    Superb course. Caponigro is a master. I would greatly enjoy more courses from him. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Really informative…..one of the best Photoshop courses I have watched. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    I really found this course extremely informative and the style John Paul uses to convey his process is great. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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