Photoshop Color Tools By John Paul Caponigro

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Learn how to use the color adjustment tools in Adobe Photoshop CS4 to achieve unprecedented control of your images. Learn how to make every adjustment tool more precisely target specific components of color using blend modes and selections / masks that allow you to target specific hues or luminosity values.

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Hue Saturation Luminosity is a simple language that breaks out the three essential components of color
The histogram graphs the tonal structure of your image
Use Photoshop for the precision adjustments but much of the heavy lifting can be done when converting from Camera Raw
Building your files in a consistent way to maximize quality
Resist the temptation to work selectively
Go through Photoshop's tools and evaluate which ones to use with color and which ones to leave alone
Exploring the Exposure and Color Balance tools and evaluating their usefulness
Exploring the Black and White, Photo Filter, and Channel Mixer tools
This lesson talks about the Invert, Posterize, and Gradient Map adjustment tools
Continuing with adjustments like Shadow and Highlights, variations, and Match Color. This lesson finishes with a look at Camera Raw 5
There are 4 blend modes that are particularly useful
Excellent for recovering dynamic range
Taking the good color information from one channel and blending it with another channel to optimize the file
A fundamental question in any image is how to handle the shadows and highlights and all the colors in between
One of the most powerful tools in the Photoshop tool set
Contrast is an essential aspect of color. This lesson reviews the many types of contrast
This tool allows users to target adjustments in specific ranges of hue
Saturation will help define a specific color palette for the statement you are making
There is a wide range of saturation choice when working with any image
Photographers often use filtration to affect the color relationships in their images
The Match Color tool allows users to dramatically alter the color in their photographic compositions
How to easily achieve and experiment with the black and white tonal structure
The ability to make specific selections adds flexibility to all of the adjustment tools
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