A Week with Jay Maisel in Paris, with Jay Maisel

Come spend a week in the City of Light with Scott Kelby and the legendary Jay Maisel!

As they stroll the streets, cathedrals, and cafes, with cameras always at the ready, Jay shares his thoughts on everything from why you shouldn’t have a plan to what gesture means to him, and all the while Scott asks the questions that keeps Jay delving deeper into each topic. This class will challenge the way you think about your photography and leave you itching to head out into the street.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 05:32)

Join Scott as he introduces the class and meets up with Jay where they discuss what is so special about shooting in Paris.

Lesson 2: The Hardest Thing is to Not Plan (Duration 12:45)

Jay likes to go out not knowing what he's going to shoot for the day and let the adventure happen.

Lesson 3: Gesture (Duration 12:18)

Everything in the world has gesture, and Jay delves into what gesture means to him.

Lesson 4: Be Your Most Severe Critic (Duration 12:30)

Jay and Scott discuss how to know when you have something good.

Lesson 5: Being Open (Duration 16:41)

Creating unique and original photographs can come from being open to whatever presents itself before you.

Lesson 6: You Have to Do It Because You Love It (Duration 20:11)

Jay heads out shooting with just the video team and shares his thoughts on everything from art to working with models.

Lesson 7: Study the Masters (Duration 20:26)

Jay is a firm believer that studying the work of the masters of painting changes the way you see the world, and shows you what has worked in two dimensional art throughout the ages.

Lesson 8: French Photographers that Have Inspired (Duration 13:02)

Jay discusses the French photographers that have inspired him, and then answers questions sent in to Scott.

Lesson 9: Street Shooting (Duration 09:22)

Street shooting is something that happens when you are in an environment where you have no control.

Lesson 10: Conclusion (Duration 02:34)

Jay and Scott wrap up the class and say farewell to Paris.

Meet Your Instructor: Jay Maisel

Photographer Jay Maisel's career spans 40 years. His name has become synonymous with vibrant color photography that uses light and gesture to create countless unforgettable images for advertising, editorial, and…


  1. Scott, LOVE this video. Deep insight, thoughts that can and will make a HUGE difference in the way I see photography. I also love the piano music at the end of the first video. What is it? Any suggestions for slide show music? thanks!!

  2. I've just completed watching half of the course and OMG! Jay Freakin Maisel is AWESOME! Seriously, the man has incredible amount of gems ... "It should not be replication, it should be revelation" ... "get past the sun sets, it is just a big orange ball or white ball" ... I have to watch this over and over again to get the message sink in and get ingrained in my brains (or heart & soul as Jay would say.) ... BRILLIANT course.

  3. This series of videos of Jay Maisel is like having a personal tutorial with him at one of the world's finest universities in the edification, philosophy and impulse of this Doyen of photography; his photographs speak for themselves.

  4. I didn't want this lesson to end!!! Jay makes us see with our hearts and to constantly observe everything around us. His comment that buildings have "gestures" as well as people has already made me look at things differently. Also he encourages us to take photos that please US, to enjoy those things that drew us to photography in the first place. I also like his comment that we should get rid of the worst photos -- so often I have seen people show every shot they ever took!!!! Facebook is really guilty of this sin!

  5. Absolutely fantastic, well done Scott. I have watched these films three times already. Always an inspiration to hear the thoughts of someone like Mr maisel.

  6. Jay Maisel is truly a gift! He is so wise and I really enjoy listening to him. Thank you so much for all the classes with him. I'm looking forward to more! Perhaps in Italy... :)

  7. What a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight. Jay is amazing and worth the price of a whole year to just see this one set of lessons. I will look at my photography in a differently as a result of viewing this. Thanks Scott and Jay.

  8. One of the best. Jay offers more information and ideas in casual conversation than most do in a lifetime of lecturing. My favourite is to Scott - "You don't think of photography you think of the photograph" So much told in one simple sentence. Will change how I go about photography as I too plan and go looking for the perfect image and miss all that is going on around me. Many thanks C Sherwood

  9. By playing the 'straight man' Scott gives Jay the opportunity to expound on a wide range of topics, from hands-on photographic tips to questions of aesthetics and the ethics of shooting in an urban environment. And as in the two previous Kelby Training titles, Jay imparts his extraordinary knowledge and experience in a manner that is by turns lyrical, succinct, witty and humble. This documentary will be just as interesting in ten or twenty years' time.

  10. Thank you Jay for using my comment "The way you see life is the way you shoot it" People need to put the camera down and start seeing what is around them and when they find what moves them, that is the first step to developing "That eye" then you shoot, Jay has developed both, he sees what moves him and he shoots, he as also developed that sense of peak in the action. Thanks Jay for the great series.

  11. I loved this "course". Simply chatting about different subjects got me thinking about the reasons I'm taking a specific photograph. I also got to work on my "not planning" and simply using that intuition to capture something unique or a moment between your subject and yourself. Merci beaucoup, j'ai bien aimé ca! Patrick

  12. I am awestruck. A Week with Jay Maisel in Paris was the most excited about photography I have been in in years. Jays insightful views and Scotts direction, and of course Paris, made this a must see for anyone. Bravo

  13. Great course as usual. Two big benefits: Jay's expertise and Scott learning like the rest of us. It is reassuring that Scott asked the same question I might ask. The series with Scott and a well known photographer doing what he does is worth the annual subscription by itself.

  14. Very valuable course with a lot of stuff to think about after watching it. I admire Jay for a way how insightful he is about photography. The way he approaches the photo shooting resembles very much the creative process of painters or other artists. Another great thing shown in this course was the openess of Jay about his moments when the creative ghost and inspiration just goes away for a while. He tells about the days that he comes back home without a single shot. On the other side of the table Scott, being a commercial photographer, expressing his dillemma with such approach - marvellous dialogue of the two passionate photographers, taking different angles to the subject. Cannot wait for the next courses made in this form and style

  15. This is so much more than a tutorial video, this is a work of art in itself. So refreshing how it balances out all the other technical videos (which are great by the way). These videos with Maisel take things to a whole new level. Kelby plays the role of the photogrpahy student really well, and it is a pleasure listening to the conversation of master and student. Thank you!

  16. Jay just remind's me on how the simple thing's in life have there own emotion, the beauty of simplicity around us if we just just stop and look Thank you Jay I have a wakened Meredith Mazutis

  17. I liked the fact that this course focuses entirely on photography as a medium of creative expression, rather than on techical aspects. Scott's intelligent questions and Jay's ability to articulate the essence of creativity combine to make this a unique and incredible learning experience. It makes me want to grab my camera and start shooting.

  18. Awesome. Once I got past the his pompous attitude, I realized that this gentleman has a lot to add to the craft. He has given me a whole new perspective of photography. Thank you Jay!!

  19. Scott, these discussions with jay are worth the subscrition fee ten times over.thanks to all concerned. i am actually seeing my photography change as a result of these moments. oh and the comments about the light bulbs hanging on the wall...........pure bliss!!

  20. Scott - this was a truly great idea. I watched this one and the other 2 before. It is like having a mentor on hand if only for a few hours. I would love to see more of Jay.

  21. I felt enriched by watching and listening along as Scott led Jay into some useful and insightful discussion about the creative and seeing aspect in photography, rather than the technical. Looking forward to more material presented using this interview/vignette type of teaching venue. Thanks for the experience!

  22. Wow! I just finished watching the whole Paris "course" and I feel exhilarated by it. I have read literally hundreds of books and collected tons of quotes to inspire me to be more creative and to continue to love doing photography and to stay open to how enriching it was when I was just thrilled to get a sharp image. However, listening to Jay was like getting some of the most insightful glimpses not only into photography, but into how to enrich our experience of life in general. Sometimes we are so eager to see the results or collect "snapshots" that we lose the sheer bliss of being there and taking it in with or without a camera. I am truly grateful to Mr. Maisel for his candid yet poignant insight, but just as amazed by Mr. Kelby's AMAZING questions that linger on so many of our minds. This is what true learning is all about! Thank you Scott and Kelby Training! I'll have to keep my membership just because I want to revisit this Paris series over and over again! It's worth it!

  23. I really enjoyed this series. Jay has a great deal of wisdom. And I learned a lot from it. He put things in words that are normally hard to convey. It definitely drew me to look at myself and how I perceive the world and capture it. I would go as far to say, that it's the best Kelby series I have watched.

  24. How fortunate to have been able to watch this - very nice. My wife and I just returned from a month in France including 2 weeks in Paris - it made it even more enjoyable to watch - and when we go back in September I think I will view Paris - and the life within - with a little different eye - and at a slightly different angle JC

  25. I am new to Kelby Training. Just watching the three Jay Maisel series videos alone has been totally worth the subscription. I can only hope there will be more collaborations with Jay.

  26. I think if I only saw this one course it would be worth the subsciption.what a great course.A Week with Jay Maisel in Paris with scott kelby...great stuff

  27. An interesting course for me. Its fun viewing one of the masters of photography discussing his vision of photography. And gosh 3 camera set ups for the video at times. First rate and first class. Thanks.

  28. Another amazing course with the amazing Jay Maisel. I can't get enough of Jay Maisel and Scott Kelby. Between Jay's witty personality, Scott's intuitive questioning and watching them both in action as they photograph the world around them, it is entertaining and enlightening!

  29. Fantastic to hear the views of a true master. I really loved the segment where he was waliking through the art gallery and commenting on the art. Classic!

  30. More Jay, please! Three is not enough. I feel like I have learned more about myself in these 3 videos than in all the other (very good) Kelby Training videos I have watched.

  31. This is a great course! Jay Maisel is an absolute national treasure! Scott does a wonderful job as "everyman" in the interviewing role. Their interactions are interesting and entertaining - two photo pros out for a week's worth of shooting in beautiful Paris and we get to be along for the ride. The videographers did a great job catching the intimacy of the city and the easy comraderie of the hosts. This is a fun, educational, and entertaining program and represents educational video at its absolute best! Congratulations to everyone connected with this course.

  32. I have watched this course, as well as the two "Day with Jay Maisel" courses, in part and in their entirety several times and come away with something new on each viewing. This one is my favorite of the three. As a former New Yorker, I appreciate Mr Maisel's straight forward stye as he shares the insights of his years of experience. Thank you both and the folks at Kelby training!

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