The Art of Photography - My Uncompromising Passion to Create By Joel Grimes and Mia McCormick

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Come get inspired with Mia McCormick as she sits down with Joel Grimes, a photographer and retouch artist, to discuss the ins and outs of finding your creative voice as a professional photographer. Over the course of an hour Joel and Mia touch on the importance of setting goals, why you shouldn’t be afraid to develop your own signature style, the value of hard work, and so much more!

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Knowing where you want to go allows you to set goals and work toward what you want to achieve.
Don't be afraid to commit to a signature look if you are confident in your artistic vision.
The creative process can sometimes be labor intensive, but hard work will always out perform talent any day of the week.
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Joel Grimes


After receiving a BFA in Photography from the University of Arizona in 1984, Joel began working as a commercial advertising photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. His style of capturing portraits has earned him the attention from many of the nation's finest Advertising Agencies and Art Buyers. Due to his strong fine art background...

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Mia McCormick works as a resident video technology expert for KelbyOne and B&H Photo. She's a KelbyOne Instructor with courses ranging from basic camera operation to capturing outstanding video on your DSLR. Mia also conducts a series of business and inspirational interviews providing insights from some of the world's leading photog...

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  1. Profile photo of oldmanwalking oldmanwalking

    Mind, eye, experience, passion…Joel Grimes!

  2. Profile photo of randygibbons randygibbons

    Really great course, these are so essential and valuable!

  3. Profile photo of Carolyn Fahm Carolyn Fahm

    Mia is an astonishingly good interviewer. And Joel Grimes gave me much food for thought, especially about the need for periodic re-evaluation and reinvention. Another in an outstanding series.

  4. Profile photo of Stevie Beats Stevie Beats

    Great presenter and Joel is a great personality! I really love his down to earth courses and sensibility. Excellent!

  5. Profile photo of strup strup

    Outstanding interview! Great motivator…just what I needed right now! Thank you Joel!

  6. Profile photo of sallyedworthy sallyedworthy

    I am not looking to make a living with photography but I do want to be able to create the photograph I have in my head – if that makes sense! I found Joel inspiring – especially the advice to not be derailed by other people and to believe in yourself. I am just beginning to believe that I do possess what it takes to be a photographer. Joel’s talk has made me want to work harder to take my photography to the next level. A great inspiring course.

  7. Profile photo of James Maddox James Maddox

    It’s always nice to hear from Joel. I love all of his courses, he’s such an inspiring guy! Makes me want to go out and shoot more. Keep up the great work, Joel.

  8. Profile photo of clyons99 clyons99

    It’s so refreshing to watch a course that’s about developing as a person. What’s more, I love that Joel is so generous and down to earth. Thank you for that Joel. And Mia, you did a wonderful job guiding the interview with intelligent and insightful questions — the kind that we would ask if we could sit down over a coffee with Joel. Loved this interview and, of course, all the great advice that was discussed.

  9. Profile photo of MDB MDB

    An inspirational course. One of the most motivational clips I’ve watched for some time.

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