Perfect Posing Techniques for Wedding Photographers, with Jerry Ghionis

Take your creativity to all new heights and learn the fine art of posing from one the best wedding photographers in the world!

As a wedding photographer you want your clients to look and feel amazing, and in this class Jerry Ghionis will teach you how to pose the bride, the groom, and the family, while bringing out their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Mirroring is Your Best Friend (Duration 03:39)

Join Jerry Ghionis as he shares his ideas on posing, and teaches you the language you can use to confidently and effectively direct your subjects.

Lesson 2: Posing the Bride (Duration 16:07)

The female form is all about curves, and when posing a bride you want to make sure you are posing her in ways that accentuates her strengths, minimizes her weaknesses, and creates flattering curves.

Lesson 3: Posing the Groom: Part 1 (Duration 10:08)

When it comes to posing, the groom is often forgotten or not posed at all, but this is a missed opportunity. By paying attention to how you position his chest and shoulders you can create photos that really stand out from all the rest.

Lesson 4: Posing the Groom: Part 2 (Duration 10:34)

When posing guys we can sometimes run out of things to do. Jerry shares a number of additional posing techniques to expand your repertoire.

Lesson 5: Posing the Couple: Part 1 (Duration 13:16)

Jerry shares a number of techniques for bringing out the best in your couples. By making subtle changes in fundamental poses, as well as your shooting position, you'll never run out of poses again!

Lesson 6: Posing the Couple: Part 2 (Duration 05:40)

Learn how to avoid those common mistakes when photographing your couples.

Lesson 7: Posing a Group (Duration 08:15)

From groups of bridesmaids to entire families, learn pro tips for capturing over 25 different styles of shots in under 5 minutes.

Lesson 8: Fantastic Family Shots (Duration 10:09)

Jerry wraps up the day with some ideas for how to change up your family shots, and a quick recap of everything covered in class.

Meet Your Instructor: Jerry Ghionis

Widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world. Jerry Ghionis is based in both Melbourne, Australia and Beverly Hills, California. He travels frequently on…


  1. Brilliant course! It was really easy to follow and the tips even easier to remember. Jerry has a great way of interacting with the models and the audience which in and of itself is was a learning experience for me. I hope to see more courses like this one.

  2. Another amazing course, Jerry Ghionis teaches some simple yet valuable concepts and tips for posing the male and female body, not only for weddings but that can be used in any type of photosession. Loved this course, not long, just right!

  3. Love this! I have always admired Jerry Ghionis' work. I wanted to join ICE society(jerry's own educational website) but it was just out of my budget. I am sure there are much more content there but this is awesome as well.

  4. Thank you so much for bringing Jerry onboard. I can't count the hours I've spent researching posing and lighting, and I've never seen anyone better. He offers the complete package of lighting, posing, emotion, and composition. Posing has become my biggest challenge, so the detailed explanations are very helpful. Would love to see him do a course on working with window light, including how he determines his exposures.

  5. Exciting. Really effective course. I am starting in wedding photography for fun (even if I have 60). I learned a lot. Thank you and I am anxious to see your next session on lighting.

  6. Relaxed, funny, natural and above all informative. One of the best classes I've ever seen on posing and up there with the best of any videos on Kelby. And it includes posing groups which is always a nightmare! Can you get him back to do more classes soon?! You do however owe me for cleaning a monitor covered in coke when he did the "guy posing on chair watching the game" :-)

  7. This was a very well made course about how to direct people into great posing. Gerry is a fantastic teacher and transpires tones of confidence when teaching, he has shown a lot of great techniques and poses that are really easy to put into practice. Definitely a must see video course!

  8. In my short tome as a Wedding and Portrait photographer, I have shot over 500 weddings and many portraits. This course was amazing, I always say that if I come away with one good point it was worth the money for the month. With what I learned I think that I will be good for the year. I had a mentor years ago Donal Jack that was amazing and though me a lot. Jerry is a modern day Donal on steroids. Please have him back again. Thanks Scott to you and your team, July's instructor has big shoes to fill. Karl KFM Designs Flagstaff AZ

  9. I've been Kelby Training subscriber for at least three years, and this is by far, the best course ever produce by you guys. Great work!

  10. Most straight forward, and practical course I've seen yet. Simple, yet perfect tricks and tips to make an average "shoot" become a top notch "shoot". I may watch again, and jot down notes to keep in my bag. Thanks Kelby Training.....

  11. I really enjoyed this course. I've watch several that talk about other important aspects of photography (light, location, composition), but when I went to practice those lessons learned I had some serious brain-lock on how to get the subjects into a position that compliments them best. Great course!

  12. just terrific,very practical. this is the way courses should be. help us make money so we can buy equipment. the new format of the course is good with the audience. do the same course about posing in FASHION. posing is 80% of the picture.

  13. As an Aussie - it is great to see another Aussie as one of your instructors, but importantly I believe this is a very practical and informative course! Lots I can use for my own portrait sessions. Definitely one of your best courses here at Kelby Training!

  14. Honestly, that was probably the most useful, incredible, and penny-dropping (hope you know what i mean) course on wedding photography yet. Wow. I really hope to see more from Jerry in the future, what an amazing teacher and instructor.

  15. This course was exactly what I was looking for. I have studied a lot about lighting and technique but did not know much at all about posing. It would be great if you could do a few more videos on posing of groups, families and casual portraits. Those are the basics that are critical. Thanks for this video! Please do more from different instructors to understand how each person has a different technique and way to execute.

  16. Been a member now for a few years and this has got to be one of the best course Ive seen so far. Great teachers can take something seemingly complicated and turn it into a 'of course' moment. When Jerry explained things, I heard the light bulbs go of in my head. . Informative, easy to follow an entertaining. More please.

  17. Exciting, Simple, easy to understand, European ease. Lots of useable information. I am waiting for his next course on kelby training. (In my german dialekt from the south, we would say " Et schlecht, hot er kenna / not bad, he has his job well done:)" Applause Applause :) Greetings Martin

  18. Learned so much from Jerry Ghionis in a very short period of time - he's great at communicating, both verbally and visually - he made great use of available light in each scenario - this course is time well spent watching Jerry Ghionis in action -

  19. Absolutely loved both of Jerry's classes. Easy to understand with simple techniques that just work. Have always struggled a little with posing but after watching Jerry's class has given me more confidence and to feel in control. Barrie

  20. Excellent workshop, great advice mate, I love your work I hope you do another workshop this time Posing with light, may a location shoot as well. ( John Ferraro )

  21. Over all, I liked the session, but I would have preferred that it be done on location in a real life situtation instead against a white backdrop - was a little annoying.

  22. This class in posing for wedding photographs is superb. Jerry's teaching style is easy to follow but still moves quickly. I found many of the concepts applicable outside of wedding photography which suits my needs well. His methods are logical and sensible and will work with subjects who are not necessarily comfortable in front of the camera.

  23. I've never taken so many notes for one video. Not only is Jerry great at posing, he's a phenomenal teacher. I'd really like more lessons on interacting with clients.

  24. I have watched this three time now. Wow it is FULL of wonderful nuggets of information and ideas. Jerry is concise, to the point and fun to watch and learn from; a great teacher! He packs a lot of information into his class. Love him! My only regret is that there are only two sessions from him here on Kelby training. Would surely love more please.

  25. Very useful techniques, thank you. As a follow up, assuming you haven't done it yet, it would be cool to do a similar session for studio work, perhaps with examples of lighting.

  26. Just loved this course. Okay, I am biased as I am an Aussie too. But I learned a lot of things that never occurred to me. And I am NOT a wedding photographer. Thoroughly enjoyable. Good, simple language. (even stuff that only Aussies relate to. LOL) Would recommend in a New York Minute. (See Johnny Carson Show for explanation of NYM.) Thanks, Mark

  27. This is just a great class! Jerry teaches you through these posing techniques how to put the "art" back into photography, which is something a lot of us has forgotten how to do. I would love to see Jerry do more of these posing techniques!

  28. This was amazing!! A real professional approach to technique and taught with exceptional confidence. Jerry is a gifted teacher and an asset to the profession. KelbyTraining is one of the best investments I have made in my efforts to become a better photographer!

  29. What a tremendously useful tutorial for all portrait photographers with so many new details offered for posing people to best advantage. Delivery was first class.

  30. Just brilliant. Ive seen this over and over again (primarily cuz I'm a slow learner !) and I love seeing it each time. Best course on Kelby so far!!

  31. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I have made some mistakes in the past and was looking for ways of getting things right. Especially with the bride posing. Direction of light and just bringing out the best in her. My next bride will be happier and i will be much more confident. Thank you.

  32. This is one of the best instructors you have at Kelby training. And allthough the theme is wedding, the things that he teaches can be transferred to any kind of people photography. Let's see some more of this guy!

  33. Excelent speaker, precise, direct and to the point. No nonsense but light hearted. What i get most out of this lesson is how to speak to the subject and for them to be confident not only in me as the photographer but in themselves, that im there to guide (pose) and capture their best side and moment possible. This was an excellent lesson and one that is well worth watching again and again! Im sure i will get more out of this lesson every time i watch it.

  34. One of the MOST usefull classes I've taken on KT,. Posing is definitely my weak point, but now I'm more confident to shoot a wedding....well, I'll start as second shooter. I'm mostly a sports shooter, so this will be a new skill.

  35. I'm not even through this course (my first) and I'm thrilled beyond words with what I'm learning! AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. It's worth the price and then some.

  36. Great, very helpful and down to earth. Useful for any kind of posing and portrait work not just weddings. Looking forward to seeing more from Jerry

  37. Absolute genius! Fantastic knowledge and experience communicated brilliantly - one of the best trainers and courses on Kelby Training. One or two courses like this alone are worth the annual subscription!

  38. I've read all four of Scott Kelby's Digital Photography books twice! Once, when I first wanted to learn about photography about 8 months ago, and just recently after I've learned more and understand and retained even more the second time. Now, I just watched Jerry Ghionis Perfect Posing Techniques for Wedding Photography. Everything he said, every point me made was very important and informational. He didn't blather on and bore me, I could barely take all the great advice in fast enough. Everything he said had purpose. Incredible! I can't wait to try his suggestions out.

  39. Great instruction on a subject that so many of us struggle with. Jerry does an excellent job of communicating and demonstrating what works and what doesn't work.

  40. Great instructor, down to earth, funny, clear. Loved all of it. Can't wait to see if he has more courses. If he doesn't, bring him back to do more!

  41. Outstanding!!!! Love his use of metaphors because it's so much easier to remember. Just put the keywords such as 'PHONE #' in my IPhone notes and I'll remember how to generate a million poses effortlessly! I hope!!!! One of the best classes!!!! BRAVO!!

  42. DO NOT WATCH THIS CLASS if you are a wedding photographer in my area! This material is the last thing I want my competitors watching. I'm kidding about nobody watching these videos - if you are a wedding photographer in any market, don't miss this material. Real skill, true practical knowledge... these come from being in the trenches, banging your head against a problem again and again, losing sleep over it until one night - WAM - you get it. Jerry has clearly had many of these "Aha" moments in his career. He's named his techniques - the way you do with things you love because you fought long and hard for them. This makes the material entertaining, but more, it makes it memorable. I know that this Sunday, I'll be posing a bride and I'm going to think "Telephone Number" or "Always Soft..." These are tools that will be in my arsenal for a very long time. Thanks, Jerry, for doing the struggling for us. And thanks for making it so entertaining and memorable that I watched all of the videos (the first time) in one day, and didn't even notice the time.

  43. I very much enjoyed this. Excellent teacher and very solid course. One of the best overall on Kelby One (with perhaps the ones with Jay Maisel, he's such an interesting person, really someone who you should listen to closely if you want to improve as a photographer).

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