Picture-Perfect Lighting Techniques for Wedding Photographers, with Jerry Ghionis

Beautiful light is all around us and Jerry Ghionis is a master at finding the best light for making wedding photos look downright magical.

Beautiful light is all around us and Jerry Ghionis is a master at finding the best light for making wedding photos look downright magical. Jerry believes that location means nothing without beautiful light, whether it is found out of doors, standing next to a window, or from artificial sources. Join Jerry on an action-packed, non-stop series of wedding shoots that range from indoor window light to candle-lit romantic tables to the nighttime lights of the city, as he shares an endless supply of professional tips and tricks on everything from posing your subjects to getting proper exposure in every form of light you can find.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: It's All About the Quality of the Light (Duration 10:02)

Jerry jumps right into the class by starting on location with a male model (as if shooting a groom on his wedding day) and shares his thoughts on light, posing, and exposure.

Lesson 2: Shooting the Groom (Duration 06:56)

Continuing the shoot, Jerry varies the poses and techniques for shooting a groom getting dressed on his wedding day.

Lesson 3: Working with a Couple in Window Light (Duration 13:52)

After a few more classic groom poses Jerry brings in the bride-to-be for a couples shoot.

Lesson 4: Shooting the Bride (Duration 04:49)

Taking advantage of the awesome window light on hand, Jerry works through a series of poses with the bride.

Lesson 5: New Bride and Location (Duration 07:28)

A change in location and model brings new opportunities for learning how to work with the light.

Lesson 6: Seated Poses for the Groom (Duration 05:09)

Incorporating furniture into the shoot can open up new posing opportunities to work within the available light.

Lesson 7: Using Reflective Light (Duration 04:57)

Using the light reflecting off of a surface provides a soft beautiful light on the face with lovely hair light coming from behind. This lesson is shown in black and white to help focus on the tonality of the reflective light.

Lesson 8: Guided by the Light (Duration 04:31)

Always choose where you shoot based on the light, not the location.

Lesson 9: Creating Directional Light in Open Shade (Duration 04:55)

Creating subtle shadows on the face will add depth, mood, and dimension to the photos. This lesson is shown in black and white to help focus on the quality of the light.

Lesson 10: Creating Dynamic Shots in Unique Locations (Duration 04:34)

When being guided by the light you can create amazing poses and compositions in all sorts of locations as long as the light is there.

Lesson 11: Candles and Fairy Lights (Duration 08:11)

Available daylight is wonderful and versatile, but you can have a lot of fun with other light sources too.

Lesson 12: Video Light and On-Camera Speedlight (Duration 07:20)

Of course the other most common source of light will be your own speedlights or the light from an LED video light.

Lesson 13: Lamp Light (Duration 07:59)

Sometimes a wedding location will present a variety of opportunities for shooting with regular tungsten lamps, and maybe even a few mirrors. Have fun!

Lesson 14: Working with a Street Light (Duration 04:30)

Staying alert to the available light sources around you can lead to incredibly creative opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. Do mind the traffic.

Lesson 15: Making Magic (Duration 04:45)

The light from ordinary store signs and Christmas lights can make for magical night time shots with your couples.

Meet Your Instructor: Jerry Ghionis

Widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world. Jerry Ghionis is based in both Melbourne, Australia and Beverly Hills, California. He travels frequently on…


  1. Jerry, AMAZING set of videos! Some great ideas and posing techniques. Thanks so much for sharing! I do have a question, what are your lens choices and what focal lengths do you normally shoot at? For the hotel bedroom shots it looks like a 70-200. Is that correct? Any further explanations on your lens choices would be great! Thanks again and amazing work! Rich B

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  3. Absolutely amazing!!! I have followed Jerry Ghionis' work for years, and he is simply an amazing photographer and artist. He is truly inspirational. It's almost uncanny, how he can see a beautiful image in an ordinary scene, where most of us, if presented with the same scene, would simply glance the other way. Also, thanks to Kelby Training for putting together such an incredible tutorial. Absolutely priceless...

  4. Wow!! totally the most informative and inspiring tutorial yet. thank-you Gerry for sharing your fabulous talent and Kelby training for bringing us this course.

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  8. Absolutely first-rate course. Jerry shares years worth of learning and skills. The class is full of clever ideas but the key thing I am taking away is Jerry's attention to detail - the shape of a hand or curve of a cheek that makes the difference between a decent picture and a great one. I know I will have to watch this through a few times before the learning has really sunk in. Jerry makes it all look effortless but there is a great deal to reflect on in this class. I think the key skills - posing, reading light, story-telling - transfer to other forms of people pictures and not just wedding photography.

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  13. Hello, Very interesting course about how to catch natural or artificial lighting with the subject, during the day and at night, and without flash (just one time to make a beautifull effect). The photographer use the light available at the moment and is very inventive. For who wants to make unusual wedding photographies of the couple when you have time with them.

  14. Excellent class, lots of great tips & advice. As I'll be 2nd shooting my 1st wedding soon I'll be bringing these ideas & advice with me. Shooting short side of the face & lean chest towards camera, simple & brilliant. Nice clear instruction, not too rushed, fab. Feel I have a couple more tools in my bag :)

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  23. I don't like to shoot weddings and generally avoid anything to do with them. However, this guy is brilliant and many of the items can be utilized in any portrait or location shoot regardless of the subject matter. I hope you have him make more videos, they are one of the best I've watched here on Kelby.

  24. Great Video, so many tips I need to watch it many times, Good way to learn interaction from Photographer to models. Very good lighting basics with out lots of lighting set up, Thanks Kelby.

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  34. This is an awesome tutorial! I am so done with tutorials that go after every sliver of shadow and light up the face into a beige monotone canvas (works for fashion; not weddings) . I love dramatic lighting and it was heartening to see a photographer of Jerry's caliber say he loves dramatic light and that every detail in the shadow (unless it is a competition) does not need to be in there. The photos in this tutorial speak volumes for why that is better than over lighting and making the bride look like a geisha. For cryin out loud, the only light source Jerry used was an open window and ambient but I would have no qualms buying every one of the pictures in this tutorial I were the client. Great job!

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