On Location Photography: South Beach Edition, with Jeremy Cowart By Jeremy Cowart

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Jet away to South Beach, Miami, Florida to meet up with Scott Kelby for the next segment of our On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart series. Jeremy Cowart has an amazing ability to clear away clutter, eliminate distractions, and make his subject the primary focus in just about any setting you can throw his way. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished with minimal gear and a creative mindset that will surely change the way you view new locations.

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Join Scott Kelby, your host for this class, on location in South Beach, Miami, Florida as he introduces the class before meeting up with Jeremy and the first model for the day's shoot.
The first shoot is poolside, but Jeremy finds ways to use shapes and textures in the environment to create a very clean and simple background for the model.
Coming across a hazy glass wall, Jeremy finds a way to envision a perfect backdrop for his subject.
You can never go wrong with a simple background, and there's still a million things you can do with your subject.
Jeremy and Scott take a walk to the beach and find a perfect location for the last shoot with this first model.
For the second half of the class we switch locations and bring in a new model. The challenge Jeremy set for himself was to come up with four different setups in one small hotel room.
With several shoots done in the room Jeremy makes good use of the small balcony attached to the room.
You can do a lot with one space, and Jeremy proves it by finding another angle for a different setup back in the room.
Never one to pass up a good texture, Jeremy makes good use of the shower door.
Our model Heather has brought in her own scooter as a prop for a series of classic South Beach looks for the final shoot.
Scott and Jeremy re-cap the lessons and learning from all of the different shoots, and discuss some of the elements that really made things work.
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Jeremy Cowart is a professional photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. Beginning his photography career in 2005, Jeremy quickly became a respected artistic voice in the industry. Having shot numerous musicians, entertainers and celebrities, Jeremy is also the founder of Help-Portrait Movement, a worldwide movement of photographers giving...

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  1. Profile photo of paultucker@me.com paultucker@me.com

    what white balance was he at???

  2. Profile photo of Jeff Rumans Jeff Rumans

    Great course, I like how you talked about studying design and how you like to minimize the background elements. Also, Heather kicked ass!

  3. Profile photo of Kynan Kynan

    Just wondering what the strobe and soft box set up was as well,
    Loved this video. cheers

  4. Profile photo of carlosa345 carlosa345

    Jeremy has some of the best videos on Kelby training hands down. I really would like to know more specifics on the gear he used in this series. In particular the strobe stand and modifier he had his assistant carry around. Does anyone know the answer to this. I really need to know for an upcoming shoot i have.

  5. Profile photo of binklewis binklewis

    Loved it – great course! Thanks for asking about camera settings Scott!

  6. Profile photo of Myra Hencher Myra Hencher

    So enjoyed the naturalness of these shoots. The posing and lighting tips were explained well, the dialogue between Scott and Jeremy was easy and the models were fantastic. My next step is to find Jeremy’s last video and watch it. After that, I want to nab a “model” and try some of these ideas for practice. Thanks!

  7. Profile photo of lbimaging lbimaging

    Thanks for another Cowart course. They’ve been incredibly useful and need to be watched numerous times to get the most out of them. Please keep ‘em coming!

  8. Profile photo of murat.eti@gmail.com murat.eti@gmail.com

    yea.. cool bro, very nice. thanks.

  9. Profile photo of madspihl madspihl

    A great follow-up to the two courses from a couple of years ago, and nice to keep following Cowart’s shooting style and development. He always reminds me why I love location sessions, and his ideas and style gives me loads of ideas that can be remixed into my own work.

    The hotel room sequence really shows what he means when he talks about working a location and keeping the backgrounds simple, and I like the way the strobe lighting in this course is more of a fill light adding to the natural light setting. (And we hardly see any 45-above-and-to-the-side shots but lots of shooting into or directly with the light, which is nice to see).

    This course shines all on its own, but it also works well as a Part Three in the location series with Kelby and Cowart.

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