Photographing the Eli Young Band By Jeremy Cowart

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Photographers and country music fans alike are in for a special treat when Jeremy Cowart invites Matt Kloskowski and to join him on a commercial shoot, photographing country recording artists from Universal’s Republic Nashville label – The Eli Young Band. You’ll get an up-close and personal look at the guys behind the band as Jeremy takes the photos for their latest album, Life at Best, which just debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 chart. You’ll also learn some killer commercial lighting setups and see what it takes to produce a shoot for a major-label release as Jeremy sets up in a super cool (and freezing cold) Tennessee prop warehouse. Then, back in the studios, Jeremy performs the actual editing the client asks for so you can see exactly what he did before these pictures were put to use. See the final shots the label used and learn more about the Eli Young Band at

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Matt Kloskowski meets Jeremy Cowart outside a Tennessee prop warehouse to do a commercial shoot for country music stars, The Eli Young Band.
Jeremy explains his choice of location for this particular band, since he was given the choice, as he takes Matt through his concept ideas.
Jeremy demonstrates what makes him such a popular photographer in the music industry as he talks with the band and gets them comfortable as he begins his shoot and messes with the lighting.
After getting the production shot he wants, Jeremy moves on to some different positioning and discusses his settings with Matt. You can see that the final shot chosen from this part of the session became the main header at
Never afraid to try something new, Jeremy attempts something a little different for a country genre with a shiny background, a ring light and a disco ball.
Candles and flammable material don't mix if you're not careful but with Jeremy's lighting set up, it makes a great publicity shot for anything the label needs.
An idea for a fun shot to have the band "put in storage" at the warehouse has everyone cracking up. Jeremy's notion for how the photo might be used winds up coming true挞夆洛_ It's on the website if you look for it.
Each shot must have consistent lighting in order to composite later for whatever Jeremy chooses. Plus, Jeremy discusses some of the contractual aspects of commercial shoots.
Jeremy shares the equipment list for everything he's using on this shoot. Then, an assistant reads from a Chuck Norris joke book to get the band laughing for some casual shots while Jeremy adjusts the lighting.
Everyone moves outside to get more candid shots and to discuss what needs to be cropped and removed in Photoshop from the outdoor scene.
Back in the studios, Jeremy teaches his RAW processing workflow using Capture One Pro.
While in our studios, Jeremy hears back from the client on which pictures they want. What you're seeing is his real editing process that went off to the client after filming was done.
The commercial shoot process comes to a close with Jeremy's final touches in Photoshop. This is his last chance to put his creative mark on these pictures before they are put to use by the record label.
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Jeremy Cowart is a professional photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. Beginning his photography career in 2005, Jeremy quickly became a respected artistic voice in the industry. Having shot numerous musicians, entertainers and celebrities, Jeremy is also the founder of Help-Portrait Movement, a worldwide movement of photographers giving...


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  1. Profile photo of mikemartinusa mikemartinusa

    Great lesson. It is amazing how you were doing everything in the brightest parts of the day. I learned valuable information about shooting during the day and how you can use bad locations and make them into great photography!! Even though you were not in bad location you made photography out of things that every one has in the town. Love it

  2. Profile photo of emilnekem emilnekem

    Great course! It must not have been easy creating these two videos in one day. Jeremy is very inspiring and he teaches how to see the world and how not to walk past great scenes. This course goes way beyond the simple “what aperture and shutter speed to use” type of advise (although that part is covered too). Thanks a lot!

    + It was great that you covered the issue of photo permits! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  3. Profile photo of greenlife greenlife

    Cowart is a lovely, modest personality and a very talented and creative photographer. He shows us how to make great thing with simple gear and at everyday places. I really enjoyed these two courses, though I thought Scott would do better without being so “funny” all the time… ;). —- Yes, please post my feedback

  4. Profile photo of Coto Greg Coto Greg

    What a terrific course! What was amazing wasn’t the f stop and ISO stuff, but watching a photographer create on the fly. His graphic designer background was evident and the video showed how that expertise carried him into a career as a professional photographer. That marriage of design and photography is what made the course memorable and unlike anything else I have seen on KelbyOne. Great job Jeremy and Scott!