Model Releases for Photographers By Jack Reznicki and Ed Greenberg

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Photographers need to be in the habit of securing model releases anytime they are on a shoot. In this course, copyright attorney Ed Greenberg and photographer Jack Reznicki discuss how to execute model releases and provide 7 different types of releases for viewers to download and use for themselves

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Jack and Ed discuss the importance of always securing a model release
Protecting yourself with a release doesn't take much effort and you never know when a random photo will become valuable later on
Going through the basic model release for an adult model
A trimmed-down version of the standard model release
Generally used for stock photography
Used for special categories of people like politicians and local celebrities that grants specific rights to the photographer
Just in case you find yourself shooting a celebrity. This release is specific to that situation
For use with photographing minors - children under the age of consent
This release can be used in situations where photographers are shooting real estate, cars, animals, pets, etc.
Add some finishing touches to the releases, just don't change anything in the contract!
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Jack Reznicki


Jack Reznicki is a commercial photographer specializing in people and children based in New York City. His creative problem solving has helped promote products and services for many companies such as Tylenol, The Wall Street Journal, Hyatt, Toys "R" Us, Kodak, Reader's Digest, Crest, AT&T, Playtex, and several Time Magazine covers. ...

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Ed Greenberg has been a litigator practicing in New York City for well over 36 years. He has represented some of the top photographers and illustrators in the business as well as the average Joes and Janes striving to make a name for themselves. His clients have included – Richard Avedon, Mel Sokolsky, Nick Brandt, MacDuff Everton, Sa...

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  1. Profile photo of keith3 keith3

    Is this something I could have in my tablet and have subjects sign digitally?

    1. Profile photo of keith3 keith3

      Also, my comments aren’t from 6 years ago, they’re from 4-06-2015

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    Excellent course! How do I print theses releases?

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    Where can I download the forms spoken of in this course?

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    Also, my comments are not 5 years old. The date is 12-26-2014.

  5. Profile photo of mileshennis mileshennis

    Does anyone ever answer questions? I have a question on the very first model release. The 2nd blank is for? I’m assuming it would be for a client that hires a photographer? Why don’t they put (“Client”) after the blank like they do with the photographer blank? An Answer would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Profile photo of hasan raza hasan raza

    Ed Greenberg very precisely explains the legalities in a simple way. Very Informative and useful video.

  7. Profile photo of rockyd1 rockyd1

    Great! I downloaded the files for now, but would like to see something specific for Canadians. Thanks for the video. Really good information! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  8. Profile photo of Keith Keith

    I missed if there was an explanation of what to do when its only the photographer and client – who is the witness?

  9. Profile photo of Jared Pierson Jared Pierson

    Must SEE!!! Has saved me much headache! —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    This course is very good but I will like to know IF digital signatures are good or signatures on ipad. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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    Great course and straight to the point. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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