InDesign for Photographers By Dave Cross

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Here is a quick introduction to InDesign with some useful techniques for photographers. Rather than covering all tools and functions of InDesign in detail, this course teaches the basics for photographers so they can get started in creating simple documents using their Photoshop files.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

See the differences and similarities between InDesign and Photoshop.
How to set uo a document and a page.
Using the InDesign Control Panel with graphics and text.
Placing Photoshop graphics into an InDesign document.
Taking advantage of Photoshop Layer Comps in InDesign.
The basics of importing and editing text.
How (and why) to create and save templates.
How to use Bridge to create an automated, editable contact sheet in InDesign.
The basics of preparing a document to print at an outside printing company.
How to create PDF files form InDesign.
Follow along the steps to cresting a postcard for printing.
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Dave Cross


For over 25 years, Dave Cross has been helping photographers and creative professionals get the most out of their software. Starting with Adobe Illustrator classes in 1987, Dave has taught Photoshop,Illustrator and InDesign to thousands of users around the world. He has a Bachelor of Education, is an Adobe Certified Instructor and is a Ce...

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  1. Profile photo of fandangle fandangle

    Love Dave Cross but this sucks due to audio out-of-sync. I’m increasingly disappointed with Kelby training because of problems like this and your decision to eliminate the 2X speed-viewing.

  2. Profile photo of skoslov skoslov

    InDesign for Photographers should be a very useful course. Unfortunately the audio is completely out of synch with the video by 10 or 15 seconds and the lessons are completely unusable.

  3. Profile photo of Jeroenvanraai Jeroenvanraai

    Would be a nice class, but the audio isn’t synchronized with the video.

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