Photoshop for Video - Working With Photos By Richard Harrington

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Richard Harrington uncovers techniques essential for video editors who are working with Photos in Photoshop. He shares his best practices for working with graphic and still images in a video environment.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Using Photos in a video workflow.
What is your editing format?
Three ways to get images.
From scanners, cameras and videos.
Making accurate selections for image processing.
Using the Magic Wand Tool.
Using the Quick Selection Tool and the Refine Edge command.
Introducing Layer Masks
Using Layer Masks and Channels.
Experimenting with Image Calculations.
A Non Destructive Workflow
Examining Layer Adjustment Tools.
Fixing images with color problems.
Rich introduces the Shadow/Highlight Command
Correcting Shadows and Highlight problems in your images.
Blurs, Blend Modes and Gradient Maps.
Introduction to creating DVDs
Prepping Photos for Client Review
Cutting down the cost of your video production.
Creating a Backdrop Image
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Richard Harrington is a certified Project Management Professional, Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and After Effects, and Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Aperture. His visual communications company, RHED Pixel, creates motion graphics and produces video and multimedia projects....


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  1. Profile photo of digitalblissphotography digitalblissphotography

    So happy to see Aperture 3 content! Thanks guys!

  2. Profile photo of pescod pescod

    It’s an excellent course that explain better all the power of Aperture 3 with focus on adjustment tools. It’s very clear and it starts from the basic elements to introduce more complex techniques including use of PS and plugins. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  3. Profile photo of wirthlin wirthlin

    A little while into the program, I realized that it is not based on the latest version 3.2.3. Some of the important changes in this version are not covered. I hope an updated version will be available soon. Please let me know when this happens. But, apart from this one criticism, the course is very well done, and is very instructive. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  4. Profile photo of florcortese florcortese

    Really, really GREAT training video. I’ve been using Aperture for several years now and I learned more in this one session that many of the articles and other videos I’ve seen. When and IF Aperture 4 ever comes out and updated lesson is a must, IMO. Thank you all at Kelby Training. These lessons are well worth the money spent joining as a member! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  5. Profile photo of cwichman cwichman

    I am not able to download the course supplemental files. Any suggestions?

    1. Profile photo of Melissa Melissa

      The supplementals for this class run about 1.2GB in size. Make sure the download is complete before attempting to open it. That time will vary depending on your internet connection.