Photoshop for Video – Working With Photos, with Richard Harrington

Richard Harrington uncovers techniques essential for video editors who are working with Photos in Photoshop.

Richard Harrington uncovers techniques essential for video editors who are working with Photos in Photoshop. He shares his best practices for working with graphic and still images in a video environment.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:25)

Using Photos in a video workflow.

Lesson 2: Photos on the Screen Part 1 (Duration 05:30)

What is your editing format?

Lesson 3: Photos on the Screen Part 2 (Duration 07:59)

Setting Up for HD

Lesson 4: Image Acquisition (Duration 00:30)

Three ways to get images.

Lesson 5: Image Acquisition Methods (Duration 08:05)

From scanners, cameras and videos.

Lesson 6: Making Great Scene Selections (Duration 00:27)

Making accurate selections for image processing.

Lesson 7: Scene Selections Part 1 (Duration 08:48)

Using the Magic Wand Tool.

Lesson 8: Making Great Scene Selections Part 2 (Duration 07:01)

Using the Quick Selection Tool and the Refine Edge command.

Lesson 9: About Layer Masks (Duration 00:25)

Introducing Layer Masks

Lesson 10: Using Layer Masks Part 1 (Duration 06:28)

Using Layer Masks and Channels.

Lesson 11: Using Layer Masks Part 2 (Duration 07:42)

Experimenting with Image Calculations.

Lesson 12: Introduction: Retouching Images for Video (Duration 00:20)

Tools for improving images.

Lesson 13: Retouching Images for Video Part 1 (Duration 09:10)

Blur, sharpen and smudge.

Lesson 14: Retouching Images for Video Part 2 (Duration 08:47)

Defining Depth of Field

Lesson 15: Adjustment Layers (Duration 00:41)

A Non Destructive Workflow

Lesson 16: Using Adjustment Layers Part 1 (Duration 09:03)

Examining Layer Adjustment Tools.

Lesson 17: Using Adjustment Layers Part 2 (Duration 08:35)

Fixing images with color problems.

Lesson 18: Shadow/Highlight Command Introduction (Duration 00:37)

Rich introduces the Shadow/Highlight Command

Lesson 19: Shadow/Highlight Command (Duration 05:26)

Correcting Shadows and Highlight problems in your images.

Lesson 20: Stylizing Photos (Duration 00:24)

An Introduction

Lesson 21: Stylizing Photos Part 1 (Duration 07:55)

Blurs, Blend Modes and Gradient Maps.

Lesson 22: Stylizing Photos Part 2 (Duration 02:41)

Using a Radial Blur

Lesson 23: Creating DVDs (Duration 00:27)

Introduction to creating DVDs

Lesson 24: Creating a DVD Slideshow Part 1 (Duration 04:02)

The Power of Automation

Lesson 25: Prepping Photos for Client Review (Duration 00:27)

Prepping Photos for Client Review

Lesson 26: Prepping Photos for Client Review (Duration 05:12)

Using Contact Sheets

Lesson 27: Intro: Auto-Align Layers (Duration 00:36)

Cutting down the cost of your video production.

Lesson 28: Auto-Align Layers (Duration 03:34)

Creating a Backdrop Image

Meet Your Instructor: Richard Harrington

Richard Harrington is a certified Project Management Professional, Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and After Effects, and Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Aperture. His visual communications…

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