Make the Move to Aperture 3, with Richard Harrington

Rich Harrington takes you through the software and demonstrates just what Aperture 3 is capable of.

Aperture 3 is a powerful photo management tool from Apple. It includes features for organizing, adjusting, exporting, publishing, displaying your photos, and more. Rich Harrington takes you through the software and demonstrates just what Aperture 3 is capable of.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:53)

Richard Harrington introduces himself and talks about what will be covered in this course

Lesson 2: Importing to the Library (Duration 18:23)

Options for importing and organizing your files in the Aperture library

Lesson 3: Organizing Your Pictures (Duration 10:45)

Organization is important for both professional and amateur photographers. Detailed metadata will make your library completely searchable

Lesson 4: Faces: Using Face Recognition (Duration 07:50)

Brand new technologies in Aperture 3 will recognize facial features and tag all photos with that face

Lesson 5: Places: Using Geo Tags (Duration 06:28)

Using geo tag data to reference your images

Lesson 6: Compare and Select (Duration 17:04)

Using Aperture view modes to decide which images are keepers and which ones to trash

Lesson 7: Introducing Image Adjustments (Duration 09:01)

The great thing about digital photography is that it is flexible. Photographers can achieve great images using adjustments

Lesson 8: Exploring Image Adjustments (Duration 16:46)

Adjust white balance, use presets, preview image changes, use the color brick, explore quick presets, and more

Lesson 9: Precision Brushes (Duration 06:13)

Using the nondestructive adjustment brushes in Aperture

Lesson 10: Slideshow (Duration 16:24)

Sharing your pictures with an audience using the slideshow pane

Lesson 11: Export to the Web (Duration 09:00)

Aperture 3 makes publishing photos to the web easier than ever

Lesson 12: Creating a Book (Duration 14:05)

Creating a standard print or a book out of Aperture

Lesson 13: Conclusion (Duration 00:37)

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Meet Your Instructor: Richard Harrington

Richard Harrington is a certified Project Management Professional, Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and After Effects, and Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Aperture. His visual communications…

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