Advanced Lighting for Food Photography By Joe Glyda

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Food photographer Joe Glyda is back in the kitchen. In his second course, Joe is teaching some advanced lighting setups and working with his food stylist to create melted cheeses, grilled meats, crisp vegetables, and colorful fruit salad. Joe talks about the relationship between photographer and food stylist and the importance of using dummy food before shooting the final product.

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Joe and food stylist David Kennedy talk about what will be covered in this course
Joe goes over his camera and lighting equipment and other tools that he uses during his shoots
Joe and David build a sandwich and talk about how ingredients are styled and combined
Joe talks about the importance of a pre-production meeting and David begins assembling the ingredients for the pepperoni pizza
A trick for making sure the plate or pizza board does not move during the shoot
Joe begins shooting the pizza and talks about the final preparations for the pull shot
This lesson covers how to build a plate of nachos and includes a tip for giving your clients options when it comes to food garnish
After sharing some tips on cutting a piece of cake, Joe begins experimenting with lower angle and longer lens for this shot
Simulate a hot grill cooking meat with fake coals and fake grill marks and creative lighting
Create daylight in the studio using a single strobe and fill cards
Put your tripod away! Always start fresh for each shoot
An easy shot for beginners to try and home
The final shot of the day is a shrimp dish. After getting the safe shot with the tripod, Joe experiments with some different handheld angles
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Joe Glyda is a recognized commercial photographer specializing in food and product photography. Joe retired from Kraft Foods as the manager and primary photographer of their Creative Services department after 36 years. He continues his photographic career through Joe Glyda Photography, Inc. of which he established in 1988. He currently l...

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  1. Profile photo of kcsmvest4 kcsmvest4

    Was this video shot at the Rolling Pin in Brandon, Florida?

  2. Profile photo of jjspiewak jjspiewak

    To be honest I’m more than disappointed with those lessons. The title is: “Advanced Lighting for Food Photography” and it’s mostly about food styling. After a few lessons I already know that it is good to have a food stylist to put the peas “strategically” on a spoon or something like that. I was hoping for more tips about creative lightning techniques rather than how to use fake milk and fake water splashes.

  3. Profile photo of annaphoenix1 annaphoenix1

    Thank you so much for this very course and for the first part of it! Now I know how to shoot different kinds of food, how to lighten it in a proper way. And special thanks for tips and tricks, they are very-very handy. I suppose I should watch these two courses one more time in a while to catch more awesome details. Great photographer, great food stylists, great team work – and great shots as a result!

  4. Profile photo of xtianseel xtianseel

    This contains as much food styling as lighting. The course has great content but a more accurate title might be “Basic Styling and Lighting for Commercial Food Photography.” —- Yes, please post my feedback

  5. Profile photo of Wondertubs Wondertubs

    I found this fascinating and useful. I have my first proper food shoot coming up and I am so thankful I have this expert advice. More from Joe would be brilliant! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  6. Profile photo of scozz scozz

    Hi friends….congratulations. Cheers —- Yes, please post my feedback

  7. Profile photo of df01 df01

    Thank’s!!! It’s easy and perfect. I think, the knowledge in this course have be my shoot better than before it. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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