Food Photography, with Joe Glyda

Joe Glyda, former Digital Imaging Advisor for Kraft Foods in Glenview, Illinois, has put together a killer class to teach you his secrets.

Joe Glyda, former Digital Imaging Advisor for Kraft Foods in Glenview, Illinois, has put together a killer class to teach you his secrets. You’ll learn all about editor photography, packaging photography and you’ll pick up tips for styling and lighting food. If you’re shooting food or ever had an interest in learning how, don’t miss Joe’s class

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Let's Get Cookin' (Duration 04:20)

Beginning the initial setup using dummy food

Lesson 2: Place Holding (Duration 02:03)

Getting ready for the food stylist to deliver the final product

Lesson 3: Food Styling (Duration 04:19)

Setting up the plate and getting the food ready for the shoot

Lesson 4: Composition (Duration 06:48)

Positioning the elements in the shoot to get the most appetizing shot possible

Lesson 5: Peas on a Spoon (Duration 10:57)

This lesson covers the entire process of setting up this vegetable shot

Lesson 6: Chicken Salad (Duration 10:21)

This setup involves manufacturing a late evening light and to create a dinner mood

Lesson 7: Ear of Corn (Duration 04:58)

Using a steamer to create the heat on the corn, then adding the butter

Lesson 8: Salad on Glass (Duration 08:02)

Create the effect of airborne salad by placing the green on top of glass and shooting through

Lesson 9: Liquids and Ice (Duration 09:56)

Using fake ice, adding frost to the glass, and mixing the liquid to the right consistency

Lesson 10: Building a Composition (Duration 07:06)

Combining all of the elements from the shoot into a product shot that grabs the eye

Lesson 11: Strawberry (Duration 04:56)

This shot involves dipping a strawberry into chocolate

Lesson 12: Why Use a Food Stylist? (Duration 00:32)

Compare two shots - one done with a stylist and one without

Lesson 13: Cereal with Milk (Duration 04:06)

Using a substitute for milk in order to get a better cereal shot

Meet Your Instructor: Joe Glyda

Joe Glyda is a recognized commercial photographer specializing in food and product photography. Joe retired from Kraft Foods as the manager and primary photographer of their Creative Services department after…


  1. Wonderful course. Many videos on Kelby Training have redundant information (this is a layer mask, this is a stripbox,etc) making it necessary to skip segments. This Food Photography course on the other hand had useful information the entire time. Also loving the candid videography with lots of trial & error.

  2. I had the honour to speak with Joe at Photoshop World and was so impressed by what a fine gentleman he is in addition to his photographic talents. Food photography was not on the top of my list of skills to develop but I liked Joe so much I determined to give the class a try. What a blast! I learned so much and have pages and pages of notes to review. I will also have to review some parts of the class to pick up on small things I will forget. This class is great because it is about how to get to the work of food photography, it's not about Joe, or how great he is, (the work shows, he doesn't have to tell you). And that is a big part of what makes the class great. No ego, no condescension, just excellent information presented in a very usable manner. I'm looking forward to the next class.

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