The Business Side of Frank Salas By Aaron Grimes

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Join Master Photographer Frank Salas and KelbyOne’s own Mia McCormick as they discuss what it takes to succeed as a wedding photographer. With over 30 years experience in the wedding industry, Frank Salas has seen trends come and go, but the key to success is the building and nurturing of relationships. Over the course of an hour, Frank shares his thoughts and experiences on everything from getting started in the business to deciding why and when to expand your services, and so much more!

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It is all about relationships. From finding mentors early on, and then creating relationships with vendors, venues, clients, and even other photographers, which all pay dividends down the road.
The more you can communicate with your clients in advance, both on paper and verbally, the happier they will be at the end of the process. Building that relationship with your client helps to manage expectations, build confidence in your skills, and creates opportunities for referrals in the future.
There are a number of ways you can expand your services to assist in building the relationships with your clients over the long term.
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