A Gear Guide for Outdoor Photographers By Bill Fortney

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Bill gives his reasons for choosing camera bodies, lenses, filters, accessories and more. He explains why his experience has led him to choose the equipment he has in his bag and he explains to his viewers how to get the most out of their camera gear.

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Matt Kloskowski introduces Bill and they discuss what will be covered in the course
Strike a balance between too many lenses and too few
Bill answers some viewer questions about apertures, image stabilization, nano-coating, and more
Comparing Full Frame sensor and a APS sensor bodies
Bill and Matt discuss UV filters, polarizing filters, and neutral-density filters
Accessories make being a photographer fun!
The weight of a tripod does have an important relationship with its stability
Bill shows off his favorites when it comes to cameras bags
Some tips and tricks for keeping your gear in good shape
Bill tells viewers what his favorite landscape to shoot is
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Bill Fortney


Bill is one of America's premier photographer's specializing in Landscape, close-up, nature, Americana, and travel. In his 44 year career, Bill has been a High School teacher and football coach, AP rep, Medical photographer, and Marketing Public Relations person. Bill was an official photographer for the Washington Redskins during his sp...

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  1. Profile photo of Stambaugh Stambaugh

    Excellent very helpful. Learned I did not need a split field ND..I was just going to buy one. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  2. Profile photo of BlauHund BlauHund

    Fantastic lessons! Loved it all. Thanks for all of this valuable information!

  3. Profile photo of Raymond Grzan Raymond Grzan

    One of things to talk about when discussing gear is to insure your gear. Professionals have their insurance but hobbyists can secure coverage through their homeowners or rental insurance. It gives you peace of mind knowing that if you accidentally drop your camera over a cliff, you are covered. And it is cheap! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  4. Profile photo of Raymond Grzan Raymond Grzan

    In the conversation about lens between FX and DX and sensors the authors did not talk about mega pixels and the affects of FX and DX lens on full frame and 3/4 frame cameras. A DX lens on a FX camera would result in an approximate 50% loss in pixels. An FX lens can not be put on a DX camera. These are important points that could have been discussed. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  5. Profile photo of mancini mancini

    Bill, you are absolutely wonderful, thank-you. Please do more landscape courses. —- Yes, please post my feedback

  6. Profile photo of jtraver jtraver

    It is always a pleasure to listen to Bill Fortney share his enthusiasm and knowledge of photography. Inspiring for every level of photographer.

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