Cleaning Your Digital SLR Camera Sensor, with Laurie Excell

Join Laurie as she shows you, step-by-step, the right way to clean and care for your digital SLR camera sensor.

Join Laurie as she shows you, step-by-step, the right way to clean and care for your digital SLR camera sensor. Whether you shoot with a Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sigma, or any other DSLR this is a must-see class for ensuring the cleanest, clearest shot possible each and every time.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Sometimes Self-Cleaning Cameras Are Not Enough (Duration 01:04)

Laurie introduces herself and explains why it is important to be able to clean an image sensor

Lesson 2: Don't Be Afraid (Duration 00:48)

Sensor cleaning can be an easy process if learned correctly

Lesson 3: Cleaning Kit (Duration 01:03)

Assemble the proper equipment to clean your camera

Lesson 4: Cleaning the Camera and Lens (Duration 01:37)

Clean the outside of the camera before opening it up and exposing the sensor

Lesson 5: Cleaning the Lens (Duration 02:18)

Removing the lens from the camera and cleaning it using the lens cleaner with a microfiber cloth

Lesson 6: Clearing the Camera's Mirror Box (Duration 02:05)

Using a Q-Tip to remove any particles or debris from the mirror box

Lesson 7: The Image Sensor (Duration 03:46)

Checking the image sensor and clearing it of dust and debris

Lesson 8: The Dry Method (Duration 02:45)

Using a dry brush, drag the brush across the sensor to pick up particles of dust

Lesson 9: The Wet Cleaning System (Duration 02:58)

Using sized swabs with the sensor clean solution to wipe the residue from the camera sensor

Lesson 10: Reviewing the Process (Duration 06:52)

Going back through the cleaning process, step-by-step

Meet Your Instructor: Laurie Excell

Laurie spent the first 25 years of her career in photographic sales helping pros and hobbyists alike decide which photographic equipment best suited their needs. All the while, she was…


  1. Here's the problem with her method of cleaning the sensor you should aways go in one direction not left then turn the swab and go right you might pull particles back over the sensor. Also when blowing out you camera I think you should turn the camera upside down so the particles have a chance to fall out. This is just my option and the way I was taught by a professional. All in all this is a very good video and can save you 50 to 75 bucks a shot in sensor cleaning.

  2. Laurie, I've been cursing my spotty sensor on my D7000 for 2 years! Endless spot removal on anything above f13. "Blowouts" haven't helped. I flinched at the price, but finally sprung for the Visible Dust kit, and following your expert, easy to follow instructions, I'm the proud owner of a SPOTLESS sensor!! Nothing like having the right tools, and a great mentor. Love it! Thank you ALL for the great support, where it is most needed!

  3. Laurie, Thank you Thank you Thank you! If I could reach through the screen and kiss you, I would! This is exactly what I have needed to help me clean that confounded dirty D7000 sensor, without paying the camera store $99 each time! Thank you, Laurie!

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