The Nikon D90, with Laurie Excell

Professional photographer Laurie Excell goes through the menus and options of the Nikon D90.

Professional photographer Laurie Excell goes through the menus and options of the Nikon D90.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:02)

An overview of the Nikon D90 and some of the things that make it such a special camera

Lesson 2: Key Features (Duration 00:48)

Hi Definition video is one of the new key features in the D90

Lesson 3: Assembly (Duration 01:21)

Step by step instructions on how to assemble the camera

Lesson 4: Front Side Buttons and Dials (Duration 08:57)

Reviewing the dials and buttons located at the front of the camera

Lesson 5: Back Side Buttons and Dials (Duration 14:11)

Moving to the back of the camera and exploring the D90

Lesson 6: Last of the Buttons and Dials (Duration 05:02)

Covering the remaining inputs on the outside of the camera

Lesson 7: Playback Menu (Duration 07:20)

Customize the camera to your shooting style

Lesson 8: Shooting Menu (Duration 10:12)

Controlling the output of your images in the camera

Lesson 9: Custom Setting Menu (Duration 08:44)

Getting into the nuts and bolts of the camera and tailoring it to your needs

Lesson 10: Metering Exposure (Duration 06:54)

Exploring the options available under the Metering and Exposure menu

Lesson 11: Shooting Display (Duration 07:11)

These custom settings adjust how the D90 presents the picture window

Lesson 12: Bracketing Flash Controls (Duration 09:19)

Explore these custom options in the Nikon D90

Lesson 13: Setup Menu (Duration 08:27)

There are many more camera options in the Nikon D90

Lesson 14: Retouch Menu (Duration 04:01)

How to add some finishing work to the image while it is still in the camera

Lesson 15: My Menu (Duration 03:09)

Speed up the process of finding your favorite menu commands

Lesson 16: Video Features (Duration 09:39)

Exploring the new video options in the Nikon D90

Meet Your Instructor: Laurie Excell

Laurie spent the first 25 years of her career in photographic sales helping pros and hobbyists alike decide which photographic equipment best suited their needs. All the while, she was…

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