The Nikon D700, with Laurie Excell

Professional photographer Laurie Excell goes through the menus and options of the Nikon D700

Professional photographer Laurie Excell goes through the menus and options of the Nikon D700

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:39)

This course will be covering the features and functions of the D700 from Nikon

Lesson 2: Key Features (Duration 00:57)

The FX Sensor is one of the key features of the Nikon D700

Lesson 3: Buttons and Dials (Duration 03:03)

Getting started with the D700 and finding out how the camera works

Lesson 4: Top of the Camera (Duration 06:25)

Continue exploring the buttons and dials along the top of the camera

Lesson 5: Front of the Camera (Duration 05:59)

Getting to know the functions on the front side of the D700

Lesson 6: Front Right of the Camera (Duration 02:21)

The class covers the buttons and dials located on the front right of the camera

Lesson 7: Back of the Camera (Duration 05:08)

This lesson covers the buttons and dials on the back of the camera

Lesson 8: Finishing Up with the Buttons and Dials (Duration 13:52)

Finish up going over the options on the outside of the camera body

Lesson 9: Connector Cover (Duration 02:12)

Pulling back the connector cover reveals four different connect options

Lesson 10: Playback Menu (Duration 06:02)

Diving in with the first menu options in the camera interface

Lesson 11: Shooting Menu (Duration 06:32)

This lesson covers how to select menus and information about the shooting menu

Lesson 12: Shooting Menu: Image Area (Duration 04:05)

Going through the rest of the shooting menu

Lesson 13: Shooting Menu: Picture Control (Duration 07:16)

Exploring the options available under Set Picture Control

Lesson 14: ISO and Noise Reduction (Duration 05:04)

These menu options allow shooters to reduce image noise based on lighting conditions

Lesson 15: Multiple Exposure (Duration 02:44)

The creative option allows shooters to capture multiple shots in one image

Lesson 16: Custom Setting Menu (Duration 08:06)

This menu allows shooters to tailor the camera settings to their needs

Lesson 17: Custom Settings: B Series (Duration 03:52)

Adjusting how the D700 reads the light

Lesson 18: Timer and AE Lock (Duration 02:20)

Setting options for the self-timer and exposure settings

Lesson 19: Custom Settings: D Series (Duration 07:41)

Setting the shooting/display options

Lesson 20: Bracketing and Flash (Duration 04:13)

This lesson goes over the options under the bracketing/flash menu

Lesson 21: Setting Options with Flash and Bracketing (Duration 03:53)

Working with the flash settings on the D700

Lesson 22: Controls (Duration 09:02)

Working with the Controls settings under the Custom Settings menu

Lesson 23: The Setup Menu (Duration 11:29)

Exploring the options under the Setup Menu

Lesson 24: The Retouch Menu (Duration 01:40)

There are some more creative options under the retouch menu

Lesson 25: My Menu (Duration 02:39)

This feature helps users organize and access their favorite menu options

Lesson 26: Bonus: The MBD10 (Duration 02:10)

Laurie reviews this add-on accessory for the D700

Meet Your Instructor: Laurie Excell

Laurie spent the first 25 years of her career in photographic sales helping pros and hobbyists alike decide which photographic equipment best suited their needs. All the while, she was…


  1. Great course, and actually helped me brush up some of the features I had forgotten on my D700. Just one remark: I found the gentleman's voice a little too low compared to the lady's, which made it difficult for me to understand what he said at times. But all in all, a winner!

  2. Hello, I set up the bracketing mode, and now I have no clue how to turn it off. This program mentions to turn it of, but does not mention how. Could you please provide instructions?

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