Olympic Sports Photography Talk with Scott Kelby By Dave Black

2 hr 23 min

Scott Kelby is joined by legendary Olympic sports photographer Dave Black for an experience designed to help you improve your sports action photography. Over the course of Dave’s 30 year career as a sports photographer he has photographed 12 Olympic events for Newsweek. Dave knows what it takes to create dynamic sports action photos that stand out and make you saw wow! Through a combination of sharing photographs and stories from Dave’s career plus in-depth critiques of viewer submitted photographs, Dave shares a host of insight, pro-level tips, and strategies intended to help you take your sports photography to the next level.

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Join Scott and Dave as they introduce the class and go over what will be covered, before wrapping up with a stunning slideshow of some of Dave's photos from covering 12 different Olympic games.
Dave shares 10 of his favorite shots from past summer Olympic games along with the stories that go with them.
Dave continues reviewing his 10 summer Olympic photos.
Following up on his summer Olympic work Dave walks us through 10 of his favorite action shots from the winter Olympics.
Dave wraps up his 10 favorite action shots from the winter Olympics.
Your photos can take on a new dynamic by learning how to light action sports.
Dave continues sharing examples of his work where he used lighting to enhance his photographs.
Almost 200 images were submitted for critique, and after reviewing them all Dave pulled out a number of examples of summer sports for critique in this first segment.
Dave continues to discuss some of the summer sports photos submitted for critique. As he shares his unique perspective on various elements in each photo there is huge opportunity for learning.
While not as many photos were submitted for winter sports Dave pulls out some great examples for critique.
The final critique segment is all about sports photos that were created using strobes.
Dave wraps up the class by sharing some of his top tips for improving your sports action photography.
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Dave Black


As a freelance photographer for over 30 years Dave's work has primarily centered on the sports industry for such publications as Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek and the award winning TV show Sports Century on ESPN. The list of event coverage includes the Masters, Kentucky Derby, National Football League, NASCAR and extensive work regar...

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  1. Profile photo of Charles Tucker Charles Tucker

    When shooting college sports how fast do you get the pictures to them and what method do you use?
    Do you give them full rights or usage rights?

  2. Profile photo of Greg Bruns Greg Bruns

    Dave: your skills as a presenter/educator are only rivaled by your incredible imagery. I’ve seen Dave’s presentations at a few Photoshop World classes and I always come away inspired and deeply interested in learning more. Seeing Dave’s classes here on kelbyone.com just took care of my next few nights of free time. Thank you Dave – for all you do and all you’ve DONE!

  3. Profile photo of Robert Chernetsky Robert Chernetsky

    Please delete my previous comment. I just saw Moose has an airshow video I was unaware of. I need to catch up on all the vids you added since my last visit here awhile ago:)

  4. Profile photo of JMHSPhoto JMHSPhoto

    There is never a minute wasted in hearing Dave speak his craft. To think back to some of the iconic images Dave has made over the years with Olympic sports, and now, we all get to see and hear why. It’s really quite remarkable. HUGE THANKS to Mr. Dave Black for his contribution to our lives over the years, and Scott Kelby for having the wherewithal to make KelbyOne a reality.

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