Lightpainting: Illuminating Models, with Dave Black

Lightpainting posed models comes with its own unique challenges and Dave teaches you how to keep your models engaged and comfortable so you can avoid common mistakes and go on to create stunning one of a kind photographs.

Dave Black follows up his popular lightpainting class, Painting With Light: A Unique Approach, with 8 new lessons on how to lightpaint live models. He’ll show you all the gear you need and all the steps required to create lightpainted photographs that are truly out of this world. Lightpainting posed models comes with its own unique challenges and Dave teaches you how to keep your models engaged and comfortable so you can avoid common mistakes and go on to create stunning one of a kind photographs.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Overview and Camera Gear (Duration 10:13)

Join Dave as he goes over the flow of the class, as well as the gear he will be using.

Lesson 2: Lightpainting a Person, Part 1 (Duration 11:34)

This process involves a lot of experimentation to get everything illuminated the way you want as you learn from your previous efforts. It is important to ensure your model is comfortable and understands the need to remain perfectly still throughout the exposure.

Lesson 3: Lightpainting a Person, Part 2 (Duration 08:10)

Dave continues working with Brittany to achieve a single exposure lightpainting that has all the elements illuminated to perfection. He'll then move on to introducing the concept of soft focus light painting.

Lesson 4: Lightpainting a Person, Part 3 (Duration 06:10)

Wrapping up the shoot with Brittany, Dave demonstrates some common lightpainting mistakes and discusses how to avoid them.

Lesson 5: Rock Star, Part 1 (Duration 13:07)

Dave takes things up a notch with a lightpainting of a rock musician in a warehouse setting. With a larger scene and more elements to light, a longer exposure time is required to get everything illuminated.

Lesson 6: Rock Star, Part 2 (Duration 05:24)

Continued experimentation with lightpainting the scene allows you to see what happens as you try different things and work toward to the final exposure.

Lesson 7: Body Shop (Duration 12:45)

The final location takes you inside an auto body shop for a lightpainting on location with a live model and an antique Chevy Deluxe.

Lesson 8: Special Guest (Duration 10:00)

Continuing with the auto body shot, Dave introduces a new character that adds new life to the image.

Meet Your Instructor: Dave Black

As a freelance photographer for over 30 years Dave's work has primarily centered on the sports industry for such publications as Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek and the award winning TV…


  1. LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!!!! Yet another fantastic in-depth training opportunity for me to enjoy and learn from in the comfort of my home, hitting pause as often as I need to. You guys rock! Seriously.

  2. I tremendously loved this course. Jam packed with information, and the visual aspect was just amazing. And kudos to Dave Black. You can just tell he love to teach this subject and even more, love what he dose, and it shows in his lesson and the way he carries his self. Cant wait for part three

  3. Just a quick look at these courses absolutely amazes me ! Obviously the instructors really know their stuff ; and give clear explanations that are practical and user friendly . This is just the kind of information I would ask from a private instructor . J. Overton N.B. I am having some difficulty playing these videos through without the sound and picture freezing . Am using google chrome . Not sure if the problem is on my end ; such as a problem with GOOGLE CHROME or what . Videos seem to take a long time to load . Would be very grateful for any help you can offer . Thanks , Joan

  4. PLEASE DO ANOTHER LIGHT PAINTING WITH DAVE BLACK!!!! Would love to see an out door one with him and it would be AWESOME to see it in Colorado if you can.

  5. This one is soo great! Great Pictures, great Photographer - great Guy. I am very impressed. Can't wait to see Part 3!! Kelbytraining is worth every Penny!!! Regards

  6. Wow!!! That's such a great course! Dave did such a good job with this! He went over each step so thoroughly! The results are simply unbelievable. I've done some light painting but nothing in this league. Some great ideas though. I plan to go back and try some again. Dave knocked it out of the ballpark with this one! Also my appreciation of the models in this. Having to stand as still as you can is pretty tough. They did a great job of that. Thanks again to Kelby Training!!! Another winner!!!!

  7. Excellent! Dave Black blends his pleasing personality with wit and knowledge to make a training video that is both entertaining and very educational. I can hardly wait to get started and put these lessons into practice. I'll be shooting tonight! I hope he is back soon with his promised video on light painting landscapes. Tom Hughes

  8. I have enjoyed many other classes and instructors on Kelby Training, but this one is my favorite. Dave Black's enthusiasm is infectious and he knows his stuff. Loved it DB! Rock on.

  9. I thought the course was awesome, I really enjoyed the first one in the series and look forward to the third. I can't get over what you can accomplish with a little LED flashlite.

  10. This class alone is worth the membership fees to kelbytraining! not only was this helpful and full of amazing information and beautiful photography. but it really boosts your imagination and gets your creative juices flowing. unbelievable, thank you dave, and thank you kelby training!

  11. Dave Black is a natural teacher. He is friendly, funny and a natural in explaining himself. Also, he looks like he is having fun. Not too many of the photographers whose courses I've watched sincerely look like they are having fun. Because light painting does not require a lot of expensive equipment, I can see me trying this. Since Dave showed that getting a good result requires trial and error testing, I would not feel bad about making goofs. I hope there will be many more courses coming from him. He really connects with the student in an effective, non-condescending way.

  12. An excellent creative class, Dave Black is so enthusiastic! You could tell that he was really exited to see the results and couldn't wait to have another go with the light painting! Dave proves that lightpainting can be used creatively on any subject, not just still life examples. I'll certainly be using it on my band shoots in the future. Well done and thank you.

  13. Hey Dave, excellent class! Loved the car and all the thought that went into that shot from the location to props, from styling to makeup. Super.

  14. I had done light painting once for a class project but not to the extent that Dave has shown. He is an very good teacher, not just an instructor. One of the most important things about Dave he brings the lesson down to you. I love his teaching method and he seems to have fun as well. Dave is by far my favorite Kelby Training instructor.

  15. I have always been amazed at how beautiful light painting is, and with Dave's techniques and expertise one can appreciate the extraordinary results. I have learned a lot from this class. Thanks, Dave.

  16. Dave Black passion is infectious. See the excitement that he has with his photography and the attention to the smallest detail, has me working on light paining weekly. Hope to meet him in person one day, a real working hero.

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