Lightpainting Grand Landscapes, with Dave Black

Learn how to lightpaint entire landscapes that can include everything from man-made structures to flowing waterways and majestic vistas!

In the third segment of his popular Lightpainting series, Dave Black is out on location in the amazing Grand Teton National Park. Learn how to lightpaint entire landscapes that can include everything from man-made structures to flowing waterways and majestic vistas! Dave teaches you about the gear that you’ll need, how to find the optimal camera settings for your situation, the importance of doing a daytime site survey, and all along the way he shares tips and tricks that he has learned from over a decade of lightpainting.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 02:21)

Join Dave on location in Grand Tetons National Park as he goes over the concepts that will be covered in this class.

Lesson 2: Lightpainting Gear (Duration 12:55)

From cameras to tripods to light sources, Dave covers it all.

Lesson 3: Site Survey: Moulton Barn (Duration 05:35)

Scouting your location in the daylight hours is helpful for looking for shooting angles, safety concerns, and getting yourself set up for a successful night time shoot.

Lesson 4: Lightpainting Moulton Barn: Part 1 (Duration 21:08)

With the sun having set, Dave is at the Moulton Barns on Mormon Row with the Teton range in the background getting set up for the first lightpainting.

Lesson 5: Lightpainting Moulton Barn: Part 2 (Duration 15:37)

Learn how to perform Dave's soft focus lightpainting technique.

Lesson 6: Site Survey: Corral Barn (Duration 04:12)

A new location requires a new daytime site survey.

Lesson 7: Lightpainting Corral Barn: Part 1 (Duration 15:19)

Every location brings its own set of characteristics, challenges, and beauty.

Lesson 8: Site Survey: Schwabacher Landing (Duration 07:40)

Schwabacher landing is along a waterway and includes a lot of obstacles to scout out and prepare for along with finding the best angles for your shoot.

Lesson 9: Lightpainting Schwabacher Landing: Part 1 (Duration 11:49)

Using a water element offers amazing opportunities for including reflections in your lightpainting.

Lesson 10: Lightpainting Schwabacher Landing: Part 2 (Duration 07:06)

There are a number of great vantage points along Schwabacher Landing and Dave has moved to a new location for a different lightpainting.

Lesson 11: Lightpainting Schwabacher Landing: Part 3 (Duration 14:06)

A little further down the river Dave has set up for the final shoot of the class, a little soft focus technique, and some closing thoughts about the process.

Meet Your Instructor: Dave Black

As a freelance photographer for over 30 years Dave's work has primarily centered on the sports industry for such publications as Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek and the award winning TV…


  1. What a fantastic class. I am really amazed that it's possible to light up so vast areas sufficiently with a couple of torches. And the end result is just breathtaking. I can't wait to go out to put my new knowledge to practice. A truly inspiring class, this one. Just brilliant...

  2. Absolutely great course! It was very fun to learn from Dave - I enjoyed every bit of it. Although I had tried a little light painting before, I had never experienced it on the scale that he introduced. I can't wait to get started practicing it.

  3. I will be going back to his other light painting courses. I absolutely LOVE how excited he gets when he gets a great shot and I also appreciate how he gives great commentary and clear directions on what he is doing and why!

  4. I greatly enjoyed this class. Although I have never tried lightpainting, I find the results intriguing. Dave Black is a master at explaining. Also, it is refreshing to see an instructor as excited as he is by what he is doing. I've seen all three of his videos on lightpainting and each is terrific. Another aspect that is fantastic about this class is that he went to such interesting and recognizable places for his shots. This would be something that would make other classes extra special if they were presented in recognizable photography spots like this class was. Kelby Training is sincere in helping photographers the best way they can. I have learned so much from being a member. Thanks so much for your efforts and the efforts of your wonderful instructors.

  5. As usual for Dave Black and Kelby Training, a great course! It was not only really fun to watch it and learn from it, but the end results of the pictures was beautiful. Outstanding. Thank you Kelby Training and thank you Dave Black. I wish Dave Black had a Facebook Page to Like!

  6. Dave thanks a lot for sharing your unique technique with us. I have followed your previous two tutorials. This one completes the total area Still Life, Model and now Landscape. I am from India, and in India I have learned first about the Light Painting but how this technique can be used for other fields that I came to know from your tutorial. I think your kelbytraining courses could not have been completed without this class. Thanks again for the education on this field.

  7. I'm a new fan of Dave! I love the humor of Joe Mcnally, but Dave has me giggling every time he does his rapid clicking of his torch, and every time he does his cowboy introduction. Would love to buy these guys a beer. Keep up the good work and very inspiring work!

  8. Very fun video and presenter! I HAVE to try this after watching Dave. It is truly amazing and exciting and also challenging! Thanks for this AMAZING series!!!

  9. That was a terrific lesson. I had watched the other two Dave Black light painting videos but this one inspired me to go back and watch again. As was already stated, I love to watch Dave's excitement over what he's doing. He does such a great job explaining about ways of light painting I never even considered. I've thought about shots I've lit or shot using HDR but this brings a whole other way of doing things. I can't wait to try some of this out. Thanks for providing this series of training. Great subject and excellent instruction.

  10. Dave is such a great instructor. It's so much fun to see someone who truly enjoys his work and gets excited about his photography. I'll be trying this out in the future.

  11. Well, welcome to Kelby Training (in his best John Wayne)! An informational cornucopia of lightpainting. Dave is getting better all the time. Great stuff, love the searchlight holsters. You'd better draw, or you'll be sucking photons!

  12. Dave Black did an excellent job explaining and demonstrating what 'light painting' involves and how to do it. I am ready to try something new.

  13. Absolutely AWESOME. The enthusiasm/Passion Dave displays in his training is so inspirational that I've got to grab my gear and get headed. I shoot automobiles and have already lined up my first lightpainting try, so thanks Dave and I'm really going to put attending one of your workshops at the top of my MUST DO list. Thanks to Kelby Training for making this possible. Paul Lovell

  14. Can't wait to go back to Jackson hole this summer. Went last June and I loved it. I took pictures of this old barn at about 6 in the morning and there were allot of photographers there as well that morning. And the Buff are every where along the barn.

  15. Photographic artistry, inspirational, technologically sophisticated and fun. I really enjoyed the real time artistic development of your creative images including your enthusiasm. Thank you.

  16. Well done Mr. Black! Everything was so crystal clear and it was cool to see you get so excited after the first few shots. All of the final results were awesome!! Thanks for three great classes!!!!

  17. Dave is the man!!! This was just the most awesome night photography I've ever seen. Can't wait to survey some areas for "Light Painting"!

  18. Scott K. had to have a big old s*** eating grin when he saw this video the 1st time. ;-) This is high quality and fabulous. I cannot recommend Dave's work highly enough. I am loving his passion for teaching and shooting as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  19. Superb class ! One thing to add is that you could take different shots and manually blend them together in PS, for more control over different areas.

  20. Loved, loved, loved this. Dave Black made this so much fun! Really enjoyed his fun since of humor. Thank you. I hope you do more of these, Dave! Would love to follow you around to learn more in person. You are great!

  21. Absolutely fantastic course! Dave Black's excitement about light painting is contagious! I can't wait to go out and try light painting landscapes! Thanks Kelbytraining and Dave Black for this delightfully educational course!

  22. Absolutely more amazing skills and technique. I have watched all of Dave's work and it is all amazing. But the landscape light painting is intense. Once again, thanks Dave for what you have presented in this class!

  23. I really learned a great deal about light painting in this class, particularly when it comes to large subjects. I've been able to use what I learned in practice and while there is still a lot of work to do, I'm very happy with the progress I am making as a result of this class. Dave should get bonused by Brinkmann, since everyone I have recommended this class to, has done as I have and bought at least one Brinkmann lamp. Dave Black is a wonderful instructor, personable and knowledgeable. A pleasure to learn from.

  24. Loved the course. So much so that I invested about $800 in some equipment and am going to give it a try in lovely Prince Edward Island this September. I have a cottage there. I do have one question - what is the idea behind the large triangle effect??

  25. Love Dave Black's style, techniques, and humor. So far I think he is my favorite. I have experimented with a little light painting on my own, but Dave gave me a lot of new ways to look at it. He answered a lot of questions I had floating in my head. I really liked the last setting with the water reflections involved. Well done!

  26. Dave, Your class was great! What made it special for me was, even though you have been doing this type of photography for over 13 years, your excitement over the pictures you were creating. Great information but more important than that, your passion! Thanks again.

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