The Business Side of Dave Black – Get Paid Shooting What You Love, with Dave Black and Larry Becker

Join’s own Larry Becker and world renowned sports photographer Dave Black as they sit down to discuss what it takes to succeed as a sports photographer.

Dave’s love of sports combined with his love of photography and his ability to continually improve his game has fueled a career that spans three decades and sports coverage all around the world. Over the course of an hour Dave shares stories, advice, and practical tips on topics that range from how to embrace the transitions that will happen in your career to how to keep raising the bar on yourself to remain competitive, and from choosing your gear to challenging yourself to find ways to produce a different kind of picture.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: On Getting Started (Duration 15:30)

Dave shares his story of how he got started in photography and how he launched his own photography business.

Lesson 2: On Making Transitions (Duration 13:45)

Over the course of your career there will be many types of transitions you'll need to navigate. Dave discusses some of the transitions he's made over the last 30 years.

Lesson 3: On Raising the Bar (Duration 13:44)

From embracing new technology to learning how to see and do things differently, you have to always be in the process of taking your work to the next level.

Lesson 4: On Choosing Gear (Duration 14:51)

Dave discusses his relationships with various companies and then gets into the gear he uses for the different types of shoots he might get hired to do.

Lesson 5: On Painting with Light (Duration 09:51)

Beyond the sports photography Dave has a passion for light painting, where he uses long exposures and flashlights to literally paint with light.

Lesson 6: On Producing a Different Kind of Picture (Duration 13:26)

Don't get pigeonholed into one thing. Keep trying new subjects, new techniques, and new ways of seeing. Then find someone else to critique your work.

Meet Your Instructor: Dave Black

As a freelance photographer for over 30 years Dave's work has primarily centered on the sports industry for such publications as Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek and the award winning TV…

Meet Your Instructor: Larry Becker

Larry Becker is the guy behind the inexpensive photography solutions and DIYs featured on DTownTV. That's about all you really need to know, but if you're still curious about the…


  1. Thank you so much for this kind enjoyable time with Dave Black. He is OUTSTANDING not just as a photographer but also as a teacher, love his passion for teaching and photography. I have seen all his clases and really love his work. Hope to see more of him in the near future. And special credits for Larry Becker who did such a great job conducting this interview! Guys you really rock!!! Love being an active subscriber for 2 years now and love how you get better and better each day!

  2. Hey Dave are strobes still used in pro basketball games? Or is everything balanced with the lights already? I was always under the assumption that flashes were not allowed.

  3. Dave was informative as usual. Larry was excellent. Asked very good questions. I hope you use Larry more often for interviews and other spots.. I miss Larry not being on the TV show with RC Concepcion. Scott

  4. Wow! No wonder Scott Kelby calls Dave Black his mentor. Sports photography isn't my thing but I now plan to watch all of Dave's courses because if someone of that calibre is teaching us, we can only benefit by learning from a master. Superb interview, Larry!

  5. I was fascinated by Dave Black's life story from film to digital. Larry Becker was also great as the interviewer. He asked the right questions at the right time and kept quiet for the rest of the time to let Dave tell his unique tale. A great pairing!

  6. Thank you Dave & Larry! As expected from anything to do with NAPP/Kelby Training now known as KelbyOne, the quality is second to none! I'm just starting to do a lot of rodeo photography which is usually at night or occasionally in an indoor arena. I learned a lot from your interview Dave and am going to raise my bar as you suggested. And thanks to KelbyOne for merging! What a great help to the little gal like me. I've been a NAPP member almost from the start!

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