The Art of Digital Photography: The Inspirational Series with David Bergman By David Bergman

50 min

Come get inspired with Mia McCormick as she sits down with David Bergman, a music and sports photographer, as they discuss David’s 25 year career as a professional photographer. David and Mia touch on topics ranging from how he got started as a photographer to how he transitioned from a staff photojournalist to a freelancer, and from what it is like working with celebrities and athletes to what goes on behind the scenes, and so much more!

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It all started with assignments for a newspaper and then moving up from there as a photojournalist. Being an early adopter in digital afforded many opportunities for assignments that would not have come otherwise.
Building relationships over time allows you to build connections that opens doors to new opportunities.
There are two types of sports photos: action and reaction. You don't know what's going to happen ahead of time, so you just need to be ready to shoot. David also shares stories on how to give back and tips for those just getting started.
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I grew up as a "band geek" in Miami and attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. The problem was that I found myself taking pictures of my friends' bands instead of studying for music theory class. So after a year of drumming and learning music production, I transferred to the University of Miami where I walked into th...

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      Great interview, very interesting & Mia is an ideal interviewer!

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