Using GridIron Flow By Dave Cross

36 min
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Dave shows users how to get started with this workflow tracking software from GridIron that helps organize and manage files.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Instructor Dave Cross discusses Gridiron Flow software and talks about what he will cover in the course
An overview if what Flow is and how it works
Some key preferences that influence the way Flow works
GridIron Flow and the Dashboard widget
Using the Flow map
How to add a Flow shortcut to Macintosh Finder windows
Using the Flow Flash panel in the Creative Suite
How to work with multiple versions of documents in Flow
Using the Package feature
How to search in Flow and the Dashboard
A quick look at time tracking
A few tips and keyboard shortcuts
Thanks for following along. Hope you enjoy the software
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For over 25 years, Dave Cross has been helping photographers and creative professionals get the most out of their software. Starting with Adobe Illustrator classes in 1987, Dave has taught Photoshop,Illustrator and InDesign to thousands of users around the world. He has a Bachelor of Education, is an Adobe Certified Instructor and is a Ce...

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