Illustrator CS4 for Beginners By Dave Cross

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Dave Cross introduces the essential tools and techniques in Illustrator CS4. Rather than attempting to cover every single aspect of Illustrator, this course focuses on the most important skills that a beginner needs to know.

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Dave introduces the course and talks about what he will be covering
See the key differences and similarities between Illustrator and Photoshop.
Learn about the building blocks of Illustrator: paths, anchor points and shapes.
See the difference between the Selection tool and Direct Selection tool and how to use isolation mode.
Every object potentially has a fill and a stroke. Learn how to use both.
Dave shares his thoughts on the typical process in Illustrator: create, edit, manipulate, color.
Step one: set up a document
Start creating shapes using the built-on tools.
Dave addressees the question of whether there is clip art in Illustrator.
Learn the ins and outs of using the most unique tool in Illustrator, the Pen tool.
A brief overview of the Brush tools in Illustrator
One of the most powerful ways of making shapes is to combine them using the Pathfinder commands
Learn about the incredible type options in Illustrator
Once you have created shapes, we need to know how to edit them
See how to rotate, scale, skew, reflect and shear objects
How to add color to objects, including fills, strokes ands gradients.
Add editable special effects thanks to the Effects menu.
Build interesting looks through the use of the Appearance panel and save graphic looks to apply to other objects using Graphic Styles
How to save your work both for Illustrator editing, and to use in other applications.
Follow along with the first of two simple projects
Follow along with the first of two simple projects
Thanks for following along. Hope you enjoyed it.
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For over 25 years, Dave Cross has been helping photographers and creative professionals get the most out of their software. Starting with Adobe Illustrator classes in 1987, Dave has taught Photoshop,Illustrator and InDesign to thousands of users around the world. He has a Bachelor of Education, is an Adobe Certified Instructor and is a Ce...

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  1. Profile photo of Michelle Jordan Michelle Jordan

    Awesome Lesson. I feel comfortable using the application now that I’ve watched the series. Thanks, Dave.

  2. Profile photo of roy Allen roy Allen

    This guy is awesome! Completely understand his logic. Many thanks Kelby!!! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  3. Profile photo of marshallphotoarts marshallphotoarts

    Dave is a great teacher.He shared a lot of info in a way that was easy to understand.
    I feel ready to begin my personal AI journey.
    Thank you! —- Yes, please post my feedback

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