Beauty Portrait Retouching for CS5, with David Cuerdon

This class is packed with downloads from David including all new actions, swatches, color brushes and more.

David Cuerdon returns with an all-new, updated version of his hit retouching class – Now for CS5. Beauty Portrait Retouching is more than just a class, it’s like a makeup kit for your pictures. This class is packed with downloads from David including all new actions, swatches, color brushes and more. Plus, David shows you how to fix more real-life situations that photographers face and gives you his own files to work with to help you bring out the true beauty in your own subjects.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 08:26)

Dave gives you a quick overview about what's new and different in his retouching course, including a start to finish workflow, and shows you how to load the entire beauty kit

Lesson 2: Basic Retouch Start to Finish (Duration 28:22)

Dave applies his actual workflow on a regular person (i.e.: non-model) from start to finish for you to see the entire process and choose what works for you. In this segment, Dave covers Liquefy and retouching.

Lesson 3: Basic Retouch Continued (Duration 06:29)

The retouch continues with reducing.

Lesson 4: Eye Action (Duration 17:54)

Learn how to use Dave's Action for eyes to make them pop.

Lesson 5: Hair and Lashes (Duration 28:22)

Learn how to use Dave's Eyelash brush, clean up fly-aways, and add a little hair.

Lesson 6: Contour and Smooth (Duration 36:14)

After a quick teeth whitening, Dave finishes up with a little contouring to the face and lips, then a little more of his actions for skin smoothing and sharpening.

Lesson 7: Male Retouch (Duration 15:55)

Fixing skin imperfections and dealing with red skin patches. Plus, learn how to use Dave's skin tone swatches.

Lesson 8: Spooky Iris at a Distance (Duration 19:13)

Using the spooky iris, Dave adds a dramatic eye effect to a dramatically lit photo.

Lesson 9: Body Shaping (Duration 09:14)

Learn to use (but not over use) the liquefy tool for subtle body shaping.

Lesson 10: Eyebrows (Duration 15:28)

Dave takes a makeup approach to eyebrows to fix what the tweezers missed.

Lesson 11: Four Eyes are Better Than Two (Duration 15:01)

Learn how to deal with eyeglass glare in the studio and in Photoshop.

Lesson 12: Brace Face (Duration 10:29)

Erase expensive orthodonture wear in minutes.

Lesson 13: Fix the Fake Look (Duration 09:24)

Adding texture back in when the camera lights take it away with Dave's texturizer.

Lesson 14: Background Bonus (Duration 10:53)

As an added bonus, Dave shows you how to change the background of a photo to achieve a completely different look.

Lesson 15: Wash That Gray Right Out of Her Hair (Duration 06:39)

Use Dave's hair color swatches to wash some color back into graying hair.

Lesson 16: Conclusion (Duration 09:06)

Thanks for following along. Hope you learned a lot

Meet Your Instructor: David Cuerdon

David Cuerdon is an award-winning visual artist and a true digital pioneer, who was among the world's first digital fashion photographers. He is widely recognized for his rare combination of…


  1. This is probably the best of the 6-12 courses I have taken. I like that there is a well structured workflow, the selection of examples that clearly demonstrate the techiques and cover most common situations, and the provision of files that both provide the starting image and in the psd files show the layers and work done. This both documents what is done and provides a means for follow along--to learn by watching and by doing. The start-to-finish intro followed by other specific case studies provides a solid course structure. The add-ins for Photoshop provide the icing on the cake, so to speak. Many thanks.

  2. Thank's very much... I learned a lot... During many years I was afraid of using PS, and now it's time for me to try... A lot of work in perpective....

  3. Great course...explained in easy to understand methods. My only problem is I can't unzip the download file. I've contacted Kelby, but they don't seem too interested in helping. Still, the class itself is excellent. Let's have more from David!

  4. I'm about 40 min into the course and am "following along" on the provided files. They are MUCH too low resolution. I can't really see what is happening. I get that you want to provide small downloads & some people have ripped off your work but hey, it's not nearly as helpful as it should be to us paid subscribers. Don't believe me? Try re-doing it yourself on the low rez image, especially when watching the edit on the HD video. 720P has more detail!!!!

  5. Having just spent some time viewing David Cuerdon's latest retouching course, I would like to compliment Mr. Cuerdon and Kelby Training on producing a concise, wonderfully useful course. Every subject covered is something I find very useful. In fact, I run short of superlatives in describing Mr. Cuerdon's manner of teaching--both the pace and content of the course. I selected this course because I thought so highly of his earlier version, which included the Beauty Retouching Kit. Your new, cleaner viewing interface is also a major improvement; I was not left guessing and the Photoshop settings used. If I might ask for another course from Kelby Training, I would love to see Mr. Cuerdon at work producing a piece of advertising or a catalog shoot. Since this is what he does professionally, I would like to see him placing lights and backgrounds, and then photographing the models wearing the clothing or jewelry to be featured. I would like to see the shoot and the post-processing/retouching. There are plenty of resources out there which teach retouching "ordinary people's portraits". But there are very few who have the professional experience Mr. Cuerdon has when bringing a high-end project to completion in a businesslike way for a business client. Many thanks for a spectacular course!

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