Adobe Photoshop CS4 Selections and Masks, with Dave Cross

In this course, Dave Cross covers the tools and techniques for making selections and creating layer masks using Photoshop CS4

In this course, Dave Cross covers the tools and techniques for making selections and creating layer masks using Photoshop CS4

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:43)

Course instructor Dave Cross gives a general overview of what will be covered in these classes

Lesson 2: Selections Versus Masks (Duration 06:34)

See the difference between selections and masks, and why it is important to use both

Lesson 3: Overview of Tools and Select Menu (Duration 05:17)

A quick overview of the key selection tools and functions

Lesson 4: Marquee Tools (Duration 06:58)

How to use the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee tools

Lesson 5: Lasso Tools (Duration 09:09)

How to use the Regular, Magnetic and Polygonal Lasso tools, including how to switch between them on the fly

Lesson 6: Quick Selection Tool/Magic Wand (Duration 05:28)

Learn how to make automatic selections with the Magic Wand and Quick Selection tools

Lesson 7: Quick Mask (Duration 09:58)

Change the view of your selection and adjust that selection using Quick Mask

Lesson 8: Pen Tool (Duration 07:39)

An overview of using the Open tool to draw (and edit) a path that can be turned into a selection

Lesson 9: Bonus: Extract (Duration 05:34)

Learn about the optional Extract Filter: how to install and use it

Lesson 10: Fine-Tuning Selections (Duration 07:17)

How to make your selection more accurate by fine-tuning the selection edge

Lesson 11: Refine Edges (Duration 06:22)

See how the Refine Edge option lets you adjust the edge of your selection with a live preview

Lesson 12: Color Range (Duration 10:02)

Learn how Color Range can help you select a specific range of colors throughout a document in a more interactive way than the Magic Wand

Lesson 13: Bonus: Taking Better Photos (Duration 03:50)

If you are the one taking the photo, make less work for yourself

Lesson 14: Making a Mask From a Selection (Duration 07:06)

How to turn your selection into an Alpha Channel or a Layer Mask

Lesson 15: Editing a Mask (Duration 07:26)

Paint on the mask and use the Masks panel to get a better edge

Lesson 16: Channel-Based Selection (Duration 11:38)

For complex selections, start with a channel to create a mask

Lesson 17: Bonus: When Not To Make a Selection (Duration 04:26)

Sometimes you may not need to make a selection

Lesson 18: Example 1 (Duration 04:40)

Watch a real-world example of making a complex selection

Lesson 19: Example 2 (Duration 11:31)

Watch a real-world example of making a challenging selection

Lesson 20: Conclusion (Duration 00:31)

Thanks for watching. You are ready to go out and make some selections and masks

Meet Your Instructor: Dave Cross

For over 25 years, Dave Cross has been helping photographers and creative professionals get the most out of their software. Starting with Adobe Illustrator classes in 1987, Dave has taught…

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