Creative Suite 4 Integration, with Dave Cross

Learn how to take advantage of the interactivity of tools found in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign CS4

Learn how to take advantage of the interactivity of tools found in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign CS4

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:51)

Instructor Dave Cross welcomes viewers to his course on CS4 integration

Lesson 2: Planning and Organizing (Duration 03:30)

Using Bridge to help plan your project and organize the files you will be using

Lesson 3: From Bridge to Photoshop (Duration 02:14)

Place graphics directly from Bridge into Photoshop

Lesson 4: Automated Features (Duration 05:32)

Taking advantages of the automated features built into Bridge

Lesson 5: Resolution and Mode (Duration 04:47)

Starting with the ideal color mode and resolution settings in Illustrator

Lesson 6: Setting Up Colors (Duration 06:08)

Using the Illustrator color choosing options to set up the color scheme, and sharing that color palette with other applications

Lesson 7: Creating Basic Graphics and Logos (Duration 08:47)

How to create basic shapes and designs and using multiple artboards in one document

Lesson 8: From Illustrator to Photoshop and InDesign (Duration 05:40)

How to move Illustrator graphics into Photoshop and InDesign with the most flexibility

Lesson 9: Illustrator and InDesign (Duration 03:11)

Taking advantage of Illustrator layers in InDesign

Lesson 10: Ideal Color Mode (Duration 05:12)

Starting with the ideal color mode and resolution settings in Photoshop

Lesson 11: Camera Raw and Smart Objects (Duration 10:16)

How to take full advantage of the flexibility of Camera Raw, Smart Objects and Smart

Lesson 12: Photoshop and InDesign (Duration 04:57)

Taking advantage of Photoshop layers in InDesign

Lesson 13: Photoshop Layer Comps (Duration 06:00)

Creating Layer Comps and using them in InDesign

Lesson 14: Using Photoshop Shapes in Illustrator (Duration 02:06)

How to move Custom Shapes from Photoshop into Illustrator

Lesson 15: Building Illustrator Logos into Photoshop (Duration 02:54)

How to take artwork created in Illustrator and make in permanently available in Photoshop

Lesson 16: Creating Photoshop Layers from Illustrator (Duration 02:45)

How to turn Illustrator artwork into a fully editable multi-layered Photoshop document

Lesson 17: Document Set Up and Master Pages (Duration 06:53)

The most important factors in setting up a document and taking advantage of Master Pages

Lesson 18: Placing Graphics (Duration 06:24)

How to import Photoshop and Illustrator graphics into InDesign

Lesson 19: Creating and Importing Text (Duration 08:02)

Working with text in InDesign

Lesson 20: Text and Graphic Styles (Duration 07:52)

Taking advantage of styles that can easily be applied to text and graphic objects

Lesson 21: Outputting PDF and Web Documents (Duration 08:06)

How to create interactive PDF and SWF files

Lesson 22: Project 1: Put a Logo On a Shirt (Duration 06:08)

Using a displacement map to make an Illustrator logo look like it is printed on a shirt

Lesson 23: Project 2: InDesign Template (Duration 04:53)

How to create a wedding album template

Lesson 24: Project 3: 3D Filmstrip (Duration 05:46)

Using Bridge and Illustrator to create a live 3D filmstrip effect

Lesson 25: Conclusion (Duration 00:26)

Thanks for following along. Hope you learned a lot.

Meet Your Instructor: Dave Cross

For over 25 years, Dave Cross has been helping photographers and creative professionals get the most out of their software. Starting with Adobe Illustrator classes in 1987, Dave has taught…

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