On Location Photography, Part 1 By Jeremy Cowart

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Jeremy Cowart has been working as an entertainment photographer for 6 years shooting celebrity portraits, album covers, and concert photography. In the first part of this on location series, he has invited Scott Kelby and his video crew to follow Jeremy around Venice Beach, California as he scouts and chooses locations, lights the scenes, works with his model, and figures out how to get the creative shots he is looking for. All of this is unfolding live in front of the cameras as Jeremy and his crew find random locations and shoot with portable equipment. Scott takes the opportunity to ask questions submitted by viewers and they discuss how Jeremy goes about picking locations, works with clients, and what type of lighting equipment he likes to use.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

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Jeremy Cowart is a professional photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. Beginning his photography career in 2005, Jeremy quickly became a respected artistic voice in the industry. Having shot numerous musicians, entertainers and celebrities, Jeremy is also the founder of Help-Portrait Movement, a worldwide movement of photographers giving...

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  1. Profile photo of mtfors mtfors

    Great class. Thanks for including all the camera settings during the shoots. It really helps to understand how you get the shots

  2. Profile photo of dilipjoshi.boss dilipjoshi.boss

    Great course! Loved the way in which Scott asked the questions on everyone’s mind and Jeremy managed to get totally different shots with subtle changes from seemingly boring locations. Just shows talent goes way beyond a decent technique! Thank you Scott and Jeremy!

  3. Profile photo of wskrzyp wskrzyp

    I found this course very inspirational and got quite a few good tips!

  4. Profile photo of Plamen Panchev Plamen Panchev

    Amazing classes from Jeremy Cowart! Highly Recommend watching them!

  5. Profile photo of greenlife greenlife

    I really really liked this (and the others too) course of Jeremy Cowart. He is a very nice person, has nice and clear way of speaking, and has a lot of creativity and talent in him. I got a lot of good tips and info, and just cannot wait to get out and shoot myself with one reflector and one light. Great! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  6. Profile photo of emilnekem emilnekem

    What a day! Teaching the viewers how to see the world and find excitement in small details, taking it beyond craft and focusing on ART. Very laid-back, authentic and inspiring presenter! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  7. Profile photo of JenElliott JenElliott

    This course, part 1 & 2, is the first I watched since joining Kelby Training. After seeing the preview for the course on Kelby TV, I knew I had to join. First, I would like to say how much I sincerely appreciate Jeremy Cowart and Scott Kelby for this amazing course. I looked into Jeremy Cowart’s work after seeing him on an episode of The Grid about inspiration and was awe struck by his photography . I remember hearing Scott Kelby say to look for photographer’s work that is appealing/inspiring, and then learn from them. Not only did Mr. Kelby say this, he has provided this enlightening format to learn in what feels like a one-on-one experience from those that inspire us. I wish I could express how much this course has helped, inspired and restored my passion for photography, which was almost lost somewhere between the SLR 35mm world and the digital SLR realm. I’m sure there are many of us out there, like artists without paint, that have been waiting for DSLR camera technology to become affordable. This course is exactly what I needed to see what my camera is capable of in natural light and a wonderful guide to a simple and mobile lighting set-up. Thank you Mr. Kelby, for not only your incredible photography, but your vision to help people like me learn from you and other elite photographers. Thank you Mr. Cowart, for sharing your amazing talent in such a humble way that I was able to gain vast knowledge and inspiration at the same time. To sum it up, absolutely brilliant! —- Yes, please post my feedback

  8. Profile photo of photoopolis photoopolis

    this is an excellent video, a pity though that jeremy doesnt mention any of his settings, i.e, iso, fstop, etc. —- Yes, please post my feedback

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