Photoshop CS5 Down and Dirty Tricks By Corey Barker

2 hr 25 min

This course is a collection of some of the coolest Photoshop effects being used today in movies, TV, magazines, and the web. Exploring everything from light and brush effects to full image composites and 3D effects. While along the way utilizing some of the coolest new features in Photoshop CS5. This is the course that will motivate and inspire you to push Photoshop to its limits.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

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Corey Barker


Corey is an education and curriculum developer for KelbyOne. He is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL, with a degree in Illustration. Over the years, Corey has worked as a graphic artist in a variety of disciplines such as illustration, commercial design, large format printing, motion graphics, web desig...

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    Your courses are so informative. I’ve learned so much. However, you move your mouse so much I get dizzy. Other than that I love your work. Thanks!

  2. Profile photo of ermelinorochajunior ermelinorochajunior

    Thank you Corey. I’m a Brazilian Designer and I love your lessons.
    But the files of this lesson is broken and I can’t download.

    You and Kelby Team are doing a awesome job.

    1. Profile photo of Melissa Melissa

      Sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties. We’ve downloaded Corey’s files and opened them successfully in Photoshop. Try the link again and let us know if you still have an issue.

  3. Profile photo of sewinghair sewinghair

    Corey you are amazing, I have learnt so much and my PS skills have improved in leaps and bounds. Thank you! —- Yes, please post my feedback

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