The Business Side of Cliff Mautner: World-Renowned Wedding Photographer, with Cliff Mautner and Larry Becker

Cliff shares stories and hard earned wisdom on topics ranging from making the transition to wedding photography to the critical importance of providing good customer service to the future of the industry, and so much more.

Join Kelby Training’s own Larry Becker and world-renowned wedding photographer, Cliff Mautner, as they sit down to discuss what it takes to start and grow a wedding photography business. Cliff shares stories and hard earned wisdom on topics ranging from making the transition to wedding photography to the critical importance of providing good customer service to the future of the industry, and so much more. If you are just starting out in wedding photography or are wanting to take your current wedding business to the next level then this class made for you!

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: On Making the Transition to Being a Wedding Photographer (Duration 18:15)

The transition to photographing weddings includes learning a number of skills, from the technical to basic business, to the craft itself.

Lesson 2: On Customer Service (Duration 17:39)

The photographs are certainly a part of what we do, but the service end of the business is equally important.

Lesson 3: On Customer Service & Creating Social Presence (Duration 22:06)

Cliff continues to elaborate on the role good customer service and a social presence plays in a successful photography business

Lesson 4: On Being Professional (Duration 17:17)

Presenting a professional appearance to your customers comes from all aspects of your business, from the team members you hire, to your pricing, to your marketing.

Lesson 5: On Marketing (Duration 18:35)

Dig further into creating a professional appearance within your company.

Meet Your Instructor: Cliff Mautner

Recognized by WPPI as "one of the top photographers and educators in the world," Cliff Mautner's 28-year career in photography includes 15 years and 6000 assignments as a photojournalist with…

Meet Your Instructor: Larry Becker

Larry Becker is the guy behind the inexpensive photography solutions and DIYs featured on DTownTV. That's about all you really need to know, but if you're still curious about the…


  1. Cliff doesn't pull any punches and I really appreciate that. As a professional shooting in another genre I loved when he pointed out that great images come from clients and situations where something special is being shared. You can't fabricate or engineer great images of people. He made me laugh with the comment about everyone sticking out those camera phones during the processional. The fact that so many people are superficially recording rather than experiencing events these days may be the biggest challenge facing the business of photography in the future. Cliff's candor was refreshing.

  2. Stellar information from Cliff Mautner, and the interview was skillfully conducted by Larry Becker. Would love to have transcript of the discussions. ---- No, I'd keep it between us

  3. Cliff is so down to earth. I'd love to sit down with him and talk about all the other stuff he didn't say in the interview. I'm not even a wedding photographer, I just enjoy his work, his honest thoughts and style.

  4. I really liked this course. I have seen all of Cliff Mautner's courses and I would love to see more. Please try to bring him back for more. I would love to see a class from him on tough situations. I love the shooting around the clock, but we all know that there are other situations that will change the "plan". What happens when it rains and he is stuck at an okay location and indoors? I really love what he has to say. Thank you for providing this class.

  5. Cracking me up! No really - I am enjoying this interview between Cliff and Larry. But it does get funny. I’m not even a wedding photographer, but this is enjoyable.

  6. Well done to everyone involved with this film. I had great expectations when Kelby Training announced this interview and I wasnt disappointed. Mr. Mautner you are a truly natural teacher. I had enjoyed every one of your lighting films and this interview was you at your best. I wanted straight shooting, and got it! Too many trainers give people the impression that what we do for a living is trivial and easy to master. An honest interview with a master practitioner of his craft. My college aged son is watching it as we speak, I have made getting business and marketing training a pre condition of him taking on some of the family business. Well done Kelby Training and thanks for a no BS approach from Cliff.

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