Beauty Retouching Workflow: The Calvin Hollywood Way, with Calvin Hollywood

Known internationally for his edgy style and approach to fashion photography, digital artist Calvin Hollywood takes you through his personal retouching workflow to show you how he achieves his signature look so you can take what you like, or what works for you, from his style and make it your own.

Known internationally for his edgy style and approach to fashion photography, digital artist Calvin Hollywood takes you through his personal retouching workflow to show you how he achieves his signature look so you can take what you like, or what works for you, from his style and make it your own.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 02:01)

Calvin introduces himself and talks about what he will be covering in the course.

Lesson 2: Raw Conversion (Duration 05:18)

Three main steps: white balance or temperature, change the exposure, and sharpen.

Lesson 3: Flip the Lip (Duration 03:33)

Before retouching the skin, Calvin changes the lips via flip horizontal to create symmetry. Works for the eyes and nose.

Lesson 4: Retouching Skin (Duration 05:58)

Calvin uses the healing brush to touch up the skin on a blank layer.

Lesson 5: Difficult Spots (Duration 05:28)

Using the clone stamp tool, Calvin removes flyaway hair in front of the eyes and duplicates some eyelashes to fill in some spots.

Lesson 6: Softening Skin (Duration 05:51)

Even the skin tone with the high pass filter and Gaussian blur to soften skin and keep the texture. This can be created as an action to duplicate this process over and over.

Lesson 7: Dodge and Burn: Exercise (Duration 03:40)

Calvin shows you his favorite retouching tools, Dodge and Burn, and gives you a practice exercise to help your technique.

Lesson 8: Dodge and Burn: Retouch (Duration 09:35)

Create light and shadow to give the face depth and change shape without using liquify.

Lesson 9: Organizing Layers (Duration 04:07)

Create layer groups to keep your workflow organized and easy to access.

Lesson 10: Brighten the Eyes (Duration 06:00)

Use the mask mode to brighten the iris of the eye with an adjustment layer and selective color.

Lesson 11: Create the Mood (Duration 03:52)

Calvin changes the mood and feel of his picture with the simplest aspect of his workflow that affects 99% of all his work - vignettes.

Lesson 12: Add a Color Cast (Duration 05:17)

By using a selective color adjustment layer, Calvin adds a color cast to change the "mood" of his photo - a step that is a signature of his work.

Lesson 13: Color Cast with Fill Layers (Duration 04:22)

Another method Calvin uses when adding his signature color cast.

Lesson 14: Add Texture (Duration 04:15)

Calvin enhances a picture by adding a texture overlay. Calvin has amassed a vast library of textures for this purpose and uses them creatively to add excitement to any photo.

Lesson 15: Liquify (Optional) (Duration 06:48)

Liquify is something that Calvin only uses 50% of the time because of the drastic changes it makes. He also uses it at the end of his workflow to give the client the option of having it in the final picture or not.

Lesson 16: 20/80 (Duration 04:36)

Now that 80% of his work is done, Calvin finishes up the final 20% in the only way he can - by experimenting, playing around, and getting artistic. While this portion of the lesson really can't be taught, Calvin lets you "peek over his shoulder" to give you an idea of what he does in order to help you develop your own style. Another important aspect of this step? Sleep on it.

Lesson 17: Final Review (Duration 03:25)

Calvin takes you back through each layer and step in his workflow. Have fun experimenting with "Calvinizing" your own workflow and thanks for watching.

Meet Your Instructor: Calvin Hollywood

Calvin Hollywood is a digital artist, photographer, Photoshop trainer and author from Germany. He's a photography based artist who focuses on getting the perfect shot with Photoshop. In addition, he…


  1. Calvin is a really great teacher, he is very easy to follow and explains everything very well. Watching this Course has taken my Photoshop skills to the next level. I Can't recommend Calvin Enough.

  2. I'm going to have a workshop with Calvin soon (as a German in Germany) and I watched this course for two reasons: learning about Photoshop was the first, but also to see the way how calwin is "teaching" and I liked both! For me he offered very easy ways for beauty retouching, different from what I did see here in other lessons. I am very excited to go to the workshop, sure I will learna lot.

  3. Great course, Calvin. Would you be able to send me the source photograph of the woman, so I can follow along ? My email address is Thanks a bunch in advance, and keep up the excellent work !

  4. Great stuff, Tutors and content very apt. Love the tutorials. Still cant get a pin sharp pic!!! a lot of Photoshop, great. How do I get MY Pics Pin sharp. My images are mostly frustratingly soft. Paddy the Irishman

  5. I absolutely loved Calvin's retouching lessons! I found the pace and the instruction perfect for my skill level. I followed along on my own photo retouching and was very impressed. Steps were thoroughly explained and my finished product looks great. Thanks Calvin!

  6. I think Calvin Hollywood is the best teacher I've seen to date. More of him. He's relaxed - straight to the point - no nonsense and you can see he loves what he does! BRAVO Calvin! Claudia

  7. I saw some of Calvin Hollywood's techniques in another web course. I was very pleasantly surprised that his series is on KT. I think his methods and presentation, as well as his English, is superb, well done and extremely helpful. Thanks for including him.

  8. Absolutely fantastic, I'm new to photoshop and I use CS6 this workflow had me mesmerised from to start to finish. So looking forward to getting in my studio and trying these great techniques. Thanks Calvin and thank you Kelby Training the best investment I've ever made by far.

  9. My favorite Photoshop teacher on Kelby Training thus far! Calvin, I love all your classes and they've helped me improve my PS techniques greatly! Thank you! Looking forward to more of your classes.

  10. Calvin, love your teaching style, and the way in which you explain features (what to do vs. not do). Thanks for a very informative many features to play with, and your tips have expedited my learning immensely!!

  11. Extremely good, Calvin. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course---particularly loved the vignette technique. I have recently joined Kelby Training and although some instructors do go on a bit I find it a very good value for the money and am very satisfied with the training. My biggest problem is trying to remember all that I am learning. It is wonderful that I can keep going back to access any of the courses to refresh. Final verdict? Excellent!

  12. Thanks Calvin! Your tutorial was just perfect for me, as I followed along using one of my own images. I really liked how you went over each step from start to finish without assuming a viewer could find their way around. You showed how to use every tool in an easy to understand way. With practice, I know I can incorporate several of your steps into my workflow. Best wishes for continued success!!!!

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