Photographer: The Project, with Calvin Hollywood

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction and Studio Setup (Duration 05:34)

Calvin discusses the lighting setup and backdrop characteristics needed to capture the right look.

Lesson 2: Shooting the Model (Duration 06:49)

Camera settings, positioning your model, and shooting tethered.

Lesson 3: The Retouch Begins (Duration 08:34)

Workflow begins with Camera Raw improvements and opening images in Photoshop as Smart Objects.

Lesson 4: Freaky Amazing Details (Duration 07:10)

Calvin's signature approach to agtting incredible detail in an image while avoiding hi-pass halos.

Lesson 5: Details with Topaz (Duration 05:28)

Similar in result but with fewer steps, Calvin shows the Topaz plug-in variation of Freaky Amazing Detail.

Lesson 6: Small Fixes (Duration 03:36)

Retouching dust spect and skin irregularities.

Lesson 7: Extracting the Model (Duration 06:24)

Pulling the model off the background via Quick Selection and then adding a colored fill layer and changing the blend mode changes the background color very quickly.

Lesson 8: Refining the Selection (Duration 05:07)

Refine Mask and hand painting refines the mask completely.

Lesson 9: Relighting the Background in Photoshop (Duration 07:32)

Using adjustment layers Calvin shows how to add a spotlight, vignette, and then shows how to organize the layers.

Lesson 10: Dodge and Burn Theory (Duration 03:24)

Calvin explains how depth comes from application of dodging and burning.

Lesson 11: Dodge and Burn Application (Duration 09:57)

Here the theory is applied to the actual model through both hard and soft dodging and burning. Calvin goes into detail about adding convincing dimension.

Lesson 12: Dodge and Burn Results and Color Matching Skin (Duration 04:52)

Calvin spent a little more time dodging and burning and shows the results of his work. Additionally, he shows how to get the model to blend smoothly with the new colored background that was added.

Lesson 13: Adjusting the Iris (Duration 05:50)

Starting with the Quickmask Mode, Calvin selects the eyes and applies a selective color adjustment.

Lesson 14: Experimentation and Art (Duration 06:19)

Calvin shows his artistic workflow as he experiments with different effects.

Lesson 15: Wrap Up (Duration 03:18)

Looking at the before and after reveals dramatic changes that have taken place throughout the class.

Meet Your Instructor: Calvin Hollywood

Calvin Hollywood is a digital artist, photographer, Photoshop trainer and author from Germany. He's a photography based artist who focuses on getting the perfect shot with Photoshop. In addition, he…


  1. I think Calvin Hollywood is really a great master on retouching techniques. His video classes are excellent. I wish I could receive personal training from him...

    • Hi Peter, Course downloads are available from the link in the right-hand column on both the course preview page and the player page.

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