Social Media for Photographers By Colby Brown

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In this class Colby gets you up to speed on the hottest social media networks for photographers and explains not only why they are important, but how you can start developing a social media strategy that is smart, efficient, and enables you to attain your goals.

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Join Colby Brown as he introduces the concepts covered in this class.
What noise is, why it is important, and how to work around it.
Undeniably the largest social media network in existence.
A new entity in the sphere of social media built for users with shared interests.
Learn more about Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and how you can take advantage of what they each have to offer.
There are a few more smaller social media platforms that you should know about and consider using in your larger social media outreach plans.
Developing a plan for achieving your social media goals is your first step.
Colby answers common social networking questions from other photographers.
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Colby Brown


Colby Brown is a professional photographer, photo educator and author based out of Denver, Colorado. He specializes in landscape, travel and humanitarian photography. Throughout his work one can see that he combines his love of the natural world with his fascination of the world's diverse cultures. Each of his photographs tells a story of...

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  1. Profile photo of 1106833 1106833

    Outstanding class. Thank you.

  2. Profile photo of mdolheim mdolheim

    We need training “from camera to social media” From the moment we take a photo how to get it to the destination we want…edited and wireless..

  3. Profile photo of Christopher Christopher

    I really enjoyed the course, Colby. I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Thank you for also directing photographers towards small business courses rather than offering that we should “Try something other than photography” at the vaguest suggestion that it would be nice to make some money. I find this is so often advised by other photographers, all of whom are making a living from their craft. Very refreshing!

  4. Profile photo of

    Thanks for the course its made me look at the other social media platforms differently.

  5. Profile photo of Bobbi Justice Bobbi Justice

    Thank you for this lesson. I learned a lot especially about noise. I would however love to learn more about the best pixel size to save an image for each social media site. i.e. Fb best size for quality, Instagram etc.

  6. Profile photo of flemshans flemshans

    Simply an amazing course. Especially for a local photographer such as me. I’m going to change so much about the way I work online. And hello G+ !

  7. Profile photo of Rob Rob

    Thanks for this Aaron. Really interesting intro to Social Media use for Photographers. Will definitely be checking out your other courses :-)

  8. Profile photo of Peter McC Peter McC

    I’m fairly new to Kelby One and if all the courses are this good then it’s money well spent. I found this course to be clear, well balanced, full of common sense. It is a great introduction to social media and enjoyable to listen to.

  9. Profile photo of ecosette60 ecosette60

    Great Course. I really needed to hear your advice about validation. It is important to remember that I am in this for myself, not for what others think of my work! Also, when I asked Colby a question about locations to shoot on Facebook he answered my thread right away and I WAS surprised, just as he says here. Authenticity is a key value for me and it was wonderful to here that emphasized in this talk alongside lots of other useful information. Thanks!

  10. Profile photo of asteg asteg

    Thank you very much for this overview. It was a great help. Also, your pace and clarity gave me time to process what you were saying. I think another few chapters on the user interfaces and how to work with them would be very helpful. Perhaps some do and do not from a commercial self promotion would help me to not shoot my foot off. I guess I’m saying….more please!

  11. Profile photo of tychuaco tychuaco

    This was a really informative class. Before this, I felt that I was “hip” to all social media, having used most of them at one point or another. The algorithm he described makes so much sense and explains so much.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  12. Profile photo of Valery Valery

    The Social Media for Photographers course is a great KelbyOne course! Colby Brown has greatly increased my awareness and knowledge about Social Media. I now have a more holistic understanding of what it is, options for photographers, and what directions I can pursue for my interest as a photographer and photo educator. Thank you Colby

  13. Profile photo of azmeares azmeares

    Great show!! I have a quick question, I have two e-mails one which are used for personal stuff the other for the business side of my website the one I use for my website is a Google business address I have created Google plus but I also created a Google plus page so my question is where should I upload my content should I use Google plus page or should I use the normal Google plus I’m not sure which ones really better for me.

    Another quick question, I stopped using Facebook because I felt like I was spammed with so much stuff in the News feed so I converted my Facebook to a Facebook page but I don’t know if that was such a good idea to my question is to you should I make A personal Facebook page again or just keep a business page.

    Robert Meares

  14. Profile photo of

    I really enjoyed this course. I good overview of the major social-networking sites was great, but also I had a better, more thorough understanding of the noise filters on Facebook which has often confused me. I also appreciated the advice tips, especially the one about validation and competition – those I feel are especially important not just with photographers but with any industry. The other smaller sites, such as Stipple, were interesting to learn about as well.

    One thing I would do different is to include more slides/graphics in the lessons. Oftentimes it seemed I was seeing more of just Colby talking and while it is important to stay engaged with your instructor, I felt it was a bit much and oftentimes was looking at other windows while listening to him.

    Thanks again for the course. Well worth my time.

  15. Profile photo of dbartz436 dbartz436

    Great course Colby!

    Colby is a very clear and concise instructor. His lesson on “noise” in social media, provided invaluable information on this foreign topic. Great tips on how to exploit these algorithm to ensure your work does not go unnoticed.

    I hope to see more courses from Colby in the future!

  16. Profile photo of Rick Rick

    Great course. You changed my opinion about Google+ which I have but don’t really use. That is going to change after I finish this comment. The whole section on noise was very informative.

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