Creating Digital Makeup Effects in Photoshop, with Shelley Giard and Corey Barker

In Creating Digital Makeup Effects in Photoshop CS5, digital artist Corey Barker takes an innovative approach by teaming up with professional hair and makeup artist, Shelley Giard to create real professional makeup looks directly in Photoshop.

Although natural beauty exists, rarely does it exist in portrait photography without a little makeup. In Creating Digital Makeup Effects in Photoshop CS5, digital artist Corey Barker takes an innovative approach by teaming up with professional hair and makeup artist, Shelley Giard to create real professional makeup looks directly in Photoshop. After watching Corey’s class, not only will you be able to build a realistic makeup effect on an unmade face, but you will also be able to correct common makeup mistakes and enhance an already-made-up face with a more glamorous look. Plus, you will even pick up a tip or two to use in real-life situations when a real makeup artist is not available or in the budget. It is like two classes in one! Includes downloadable brush and color palettes for you to use.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 02:17)

Corey Barker introduces professional hair and makeup artist, Shelley Giard.

Lesson 2: Blemish Removal and Skin Smoothing (Duration 13:14)

This first step in digital makeup is the equivalent to concealer or foundation in a real makeup bag.

Lesson 3: Contouring And Highlighting (Duration 12:47)

Creating the desirable oval face with shadows and highlights while matching the skin tone in Photoshop, then adding blush.

Lesson 4: Eye Shadow (Duration 08:28)

Make close-set eyes look further apart with eye shadow applied in the right place.

Lesson 5: Eyeliner and Eye Fixes (Duration 13:18)

Cleaning up two most common problems- spilled, uneven eye shadow and spotty, smudgy liquid eyeliner.

Lesson 6: Eyebrow Fixes (Duration 14:24)

Creating natural-looking enhancements on light brows. Plus, who needs tweezers when there's Puppet Warp?

Lesson 7: Eyelashes (Duration 08:39)

Corey uses custom brushes he created for you to bend and warp into shape to conform to any eye. Easier to apply than fake eyelashes!

Lesson 8: Lips (Duration 10:15)

Shaping, plumping, and glossing the lips. Creating a Cupid's Bow.

Lesson 9: Teeth (Duration 11:26)

Corey draws from one of Shelley's pet peeves and performs tooth highlighting through finger painting. Plus, subtle tooth whitening and reshaping.

Lesson 10: Hair (Duration 13:13)

Addressing issues such as stray locks and the effects of lights on bleached blondes. Plus, Corey gets rid of flyaways with refine edge to keep it looking natural.

Lesson 11: Glamour Effects 1 - Smokey Eye (Duration 11:34)

After a bonus eyebrow tip, Corey builds a more glamorous look on top of an already-made-up model to get a completely different, and more dramatic look in the photo.

Lesson 12: Glamour Effects 2 - Fantasy Eye (Duration 11:30)

Corey shifts the focus from a more practical application to a wilder "fantasy" look. Plus, learn how to create shimmering gold eye shadow.

Lesson 13: Glamour Effects 3 - Hair Extensions (Duration 07:23)

Add more hair for a fuller look.

Lesson 14: Small Details (Duration 18:17)

Accessories are sometimes an afterthought and jewelry is expensive. Good thing there's stock photography and Photoshop!

Lesson 15: Before and After (Duration 07:20)

Final review of the entire lesson. Learn more about Shelley Giard at:

Lesson 16: Bonus Class - Full Photo Fix Part 1 (Duration 12:36)

Shelley purposefully creates a bad makeup job, from coloring to hair, for Corey to fix from start to finish. Corey begins with blemish removal, skin smoothing, contouring and highlighting

Lesson 17: Bonus Class - Full Photo Fix Part 2 (Duration 17:46)

Corey continues with the eye shadow color to better match the eyes and then fixes a very common problem - clumpy mascara. Then, he finishes the complete look with the lips and hair.

Meet Your Instructor: Shelley Giard

Resident of Florida, Shelley Giard has been practicing cosmetology for the past 20 years. With a love for beauty and a belief that the art of a hairstyle was only…

Meet Your Instructor: Corey Barker

Corey is an education and curriculum developer for KelbyOne. He is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL, with a degree in Illustration. Over…


  1. I Love this course and learned so much regarding both photoshop and how a make up artist applies techniques to produce a polished look. I have Search the web looking for make up free portrait facial pictures on which to practice these techniques, but am surprised to discover a deficit of such images. Perhaps Kelby Training could add a library to its own site containing images and other such matter pertinent to its vast library of learning tutorials.

  2. I really walk away from this tutorial with a great way to make an image of a women look more like them, however the tutorial jumps and skips, I can not see the tutorial all in one flowing lesson. I thought you were going to show us a technique on how to use your mouse if your not working with a pen sensitive pad. Overall the tutorial is very helpful

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