Mastering Curves: Correcting Color, with Ben Willmore

Ben shows you how the ins and outs of curves, how to read a curves graph, and how to apply what the graph is showing you to add the perfect tonality and/or color to your images for that professional look.

In this two-part course, Ben takes the concept and principles of the curves adjustment feature and breaks it down into two categories: tone and color. Ben shows you how the ins and outs of curves, how to read a curves graph, and how to apply what the graph is showing you to add the perfect tonality and/or color to your images for that professional look.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:51)

Lesson 2: Basic Color Principles (Duration 10:24)

Lesson 3: General Concepts (Duration 12:33)

Lesson 4: The Best Way to Color Correct (Duration 10:25)

Lesson 5: A Desirable Color Cast (Duration 03:34)

Lesson 6: Changes After Color Correction (Duration 02:16)

Lesson 7: Automating Color Corrections (Duration 05:01)

Lesson 8: Image Matching (Duration 07:38)

Lesson 9: Color Matching (Duration 17:24)

Lesson 10: Tips from Ben (Duration 07:49)

Lesson 11: Conclusion (Duration 02:11)

Meet Your Instructor: Ben Willmore

Photoshop Hall of Famer, Ben Willmore, has taught over 100,000 Photoshop users on five continents. His bestselling books, DVDs, and hit seminars have established Ben as one of America's favorite…


  1. Another great course!!! Ben does such a good job going over curves info (and I learned a lot about color in this course). Thanks Ben and Kelby Training for presenting this course. It has helped me understand so much more about color and color balancing.

  2. Really learned something I wasn't too sure of before. What does all this mean if so many think Curves is an unnecessary function of Photoshop? Is there another way to accomplish this?

  3. This class was very helpful and informative. Ben takes his time to slowly explain his steps. I can't wait to watch more seminars given by Ben. Thanks!

  4. Ben is great!! He starts the lessons with very basic, understandable information and then builds up on it. I love the fact that he gives a lot of background information to build the foundation instead of just telling you bunch of steps to follow. I find that understanding the basics makes the lessons he teaches stick more. I hope to see more lessons from him. Nice job Ben!!!

  5. After hearing Scott and Matt talk about how you don't need curves anymore, I thought why bother with this course. But I just turned it on while I was was working on something else. It did not take me long to get interested. Although I may not "need" curves, and I may not use them ever, this course really made the whole concept of color more clear to me. I learned a lot more than I thought I would in this course. Thanks!

  6. I thought I knew a lot about Curves, but Ben's class really blew me away. I'll never go back to the old way of doing things! Thanks, I'll be using at least a few tips from each one of these clips!

  7. Years ago I learned Curves from Ben Willmore while he was teaching at Photoshop World. I thought I knew pretty much all I needed to know about Curves and have thus avoided this session. I finally decided it might be wise to watch this session to see if there was something new. Was I surprised! Ben has blown me away with his color correcting techniques using curves. And I might add, he remains one of the best Photoshop instructors out there.

  8. Curves have always been a bit daunting, but this is by far the best video I have ever watched on it. Although I knew most of the material from reading all around the web, the layout and teaching style made it finally "click" with me. Kudos!

  9. Great course! Ben takes a subject, colour correction, that is not well understood by many, yet presents in a clear and easily understood manner. You'll walk away from this course with significantly improved confidence when it comes to colour correcting or colour matching photos.

  10. If you think you already know curves, think again! Everyone will learn something new. Ben can help you understand color and how to use curves better than anyone. He explains it in a way you can relate to so it sticks. Excellent class, thanks!

  11. Ive just signed up for kelby training. Could someone please point me in the right direction on downloading the photoshop. I'm not sure where to go. Thank you

  12. Ben, your two classes that I have seen are simply wonderful. They are interesting and carefully detailed. I am going to have to watch them over again so I understand everything. Thank you.

  13. Fantastic course! The pacing is terrific, the examples make everything really clear. A terrific place to start if you're looking to understand color correction with channels and don't have a lot of experience yet.

  14. I was really keen to find a great source of information to brush up my thoughts about color corrections, colour grading and its related theories. It was absolutely a great bunch of episodes. It put all my thoughts together nicely.

  15. Loved it! This was my first course and Kelby Training and loved Ben's style of teaching. I'd love if he did more classes, like one on layers and masks. I'm sure someone else has covered it at Kelby Training, and I will definitely check it out!

  16. Wow!!!!! The absolute best Photoshop class I have ever taken!! This provides such an understanding of image correcting and manipulation that it is hard to explain. Even if you don't use the curves techniques shown, taking the class provides understanding what is going on in the color of your images. For example, you'll understand white balance better just from taking this class!

  17. Excellent course. However, the buttons are different for CC and wondering how I find out how to make changes for color matching in the Curves ... can you refer me to something that updates between the versions?

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