Hacking Photoshop, with Ben Willmore

Hacking Photoshop means changing existing features to make them do things they weren't originally designed to do, finding little hidden gems that can be used in different ways, and discovering new ways to think about Photoshop.

Join Photoshop Hall of Famer Ben Willmore as he shares some of his greatest hacks for performing color corrections, applying textures to photographs, removing backgrounds, retouching portraits and so much more!

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 09:56)

Join Ben as he introduces the class and jumps right in to showing you how to hack Photoshop.

Lesson 2: Hacking Adjustments: Part 1 (Duration 15:41)

Ben shares tips for making selections, performing color corrections, utilizing adjustment layers in unique ways.

Lesson 3: Hacking Adjustments: Part 2 (Duration 15:24)

This lesson demonstrates a cool hack for creating natural looking colorized B&W images, how you can master the color lookup adjustment, and take advantage of Match Color.

Lesson 4: Hacking Adjustments: Part 3 (Duration 19:07)

This last segment on hacking adjustments shows how you can convert an image for printing with only 2 colors, a neat trick for applying textures, and using layers in unconventional ways.

Lesson 5: Removing Backgrounds: Part 1 (Duration 13:53)

Removing backgrounds is a common chore in Photoshop. Ben shows how to make selections and remove the background with a hack.

Lesson 6: Removing Backgrounds: Part 2 (Duration 10:48)

The Background Eraser tool can be hacked to get the best results and work with a mask.

Lesson 7: Removing Backgrounds: Part 3 (Duration 17:48)

Ben wraps up the background removing segment with more techniques for refining your results when removing backgrounds.

Lesson 8: Retouching: Part 1 (Duration 13:32)

Here's how to separate the color and tone in an image from the detail so that you can work on them individually for better results.

Lesson 9: Retouching: Part 2 (Duration 12:57)

Ben wraps up the class with some techniques for retouching an image where objects bump up against the edge of a photo.

Meet Your Instructor: Ben Willmore

Photoshop Hall of Famer, Ben Willmore, has taught over 100,000 Photoshop users on five continents. His bestselling books, DVDs, and hit seminars have established Ben as one of America's favorite…


  1. In lesson 3, Ben refers to downloading a file to use with the color lookup table, and he states the file is available for download here. It appears that the file is not here, however. Any chance we could get the file?

    • William, These downloadable images have been added to the course. Click on the "Course Files" link to the right of the video player. Aaron Web Editor - KelbyOne.com

  2. This is my first time viewing lessons from Ben. WOW! What a GREAT instructor. I've learned so much even though I thought I was pretty experienced. I am so looking forward to additional courses by Ben.

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