Photographing Adventure Sports, Part 2, with Tom Bol

In this course, Tom goes through a variety of set ups to capture the physicality and beauty of rock climbers and trail runners.

Tom Bol returns to the beautiful deserts of Moab, Utah for more outdoor adventure photography. In this course, Tom goes through a variety of set ups to capture the physicality and beauty of rock climbers and trail runners. Throughout the lessons, Tom talks about his goals of combining technical quality with the creative and artistic. He talks about image composition, utilizing sun and shadow, and adapting light to changing conditions. All of his subjects are shot amidst of the deep, rich colors of the southwest. The final shot of the course is a long exposure made at night.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:36)

Tom introduces his first subject and talks about the kind of photos he will be shooting

Lesson 2: Bouldering (Duration 11:40)

Shooting rock climbing images and capturing a star burst effect

Lesson 3: Trail Running (Duration 06:39)

Early morning shoot of a popular outdoor activity

Lesson 4: Overhang (Duration 07:36)

One of the more dynamic shots of rock climbers is capturing them from below an overhang

Lesson 5: Runner Portrait (Duration 05:05)

Making the most of the warm, morning light

Lesson 6: Tilt-Shift Lens (Duration 07:51)

The lens will allow Tom to focus on specifics of the hands and hand hold of the climber

Lesson 7: Fresh Perspective (Duration 07:02)

Getting creative with a lifestyle photo of the outdoors

Lesson 8: Rock Climber Portrait (Duration 07:36)

Battling the wind to capture a rock climber portrait

Lesson 9: Adaptive Lighting (Duration 06:43)

Gray skies have created the need for the use of some Quadra lights

Lesson 10: Running in Front of Towers (Duration 07:35)

Capturing motion in front of a beautiful background

Lesson 11: Glowing Tent Scene (Duration 13:23)

Night shot of a camping scene - shot at twilight

Meet Your Instructor: Tom Bol

Creative. Outgoing. Detailed. Funny. This is how clients describe Tom and his crew. His career began with a journalism degree and wanderlust. It continues with portraits, edgy light and restless…

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  1. Well, this is great if you have an opportunity to rehearse, test and reshoot the subject. I'm really struggling on how to get better at taken action shots in a variety of lighting scenarios where you may only get 1 attempt at it before the subject (animals) move or where the light is not always optimal

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