Essential Gear for Sports Photography, with Bill Frakes

Bill discloses his best performing cameras, lenses, accessories and lighting equipment, while he reveals the best set-ups for specific situations.

Sports Illustrated staff photographer of over twenty years, Bill Frakes opens up his gear bag in this exclusive class. Bill discloses his best performing cameras, lenses, accessories and lighting equipment, while he reveals the best set-ups for specific situations. Always be prepared, save money and achieve jaw-dropping precision sports photography with this very special inside track!

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Camera Overview (Duration 08:34)

Bill reviews his cameras of choice, the performance of each, and the features and benefits to look for in any make or model.

Lesson 2: Fundamental Lenses (Duration 11:29)

Bill gets into greater detail with a review of over twenty different lenses, offering his favorites for various shots. He discusses the best value lenses, pound-for-pound, for fast action, field of view, focal length and more.

Lesson 3: Vital Accessories (Duration 10:09)

Dig into Bill's daily accesory case and see why he's prepared for any situation. View it all from shock absorbers, clamps and modified cables to jumpers, ballheads, and gloves.

Lesson 4: Essential Lighting (Duration 06:11)

When it comes to small camera flash, precision is your friend. Catch peak action and motion with Bill's essential list of small strobes, smart cords, diffusers, meters, transmitters, gel kits and more.

Lesson 5: Multiple Remote Cameras (Duration 03:53)

Bill discusses multiple remote camera set-ups ideally used for indoor sports, track and field, horse racing and swimming. He reviews, step by step, the equipment used for up to sixty remote cameras.

Lesson 6: Situation Specific Set Ups (Duration 09:44)

Bill wraps up this course with a core list of equipment to use for each major action sports situation depending on the shot, angle, and light levels citing examples of his work along the way.

Meet Your Instructor: Bill Frakes

Bill Frakes is a Sports Illustrated Staff Photographer based in Florida who has worked in all 50 states and in more than 125 countries for a wide variety of editorial…


  1. Thourughly enjoyed the class. I did catch the snafu at the begining saying "the D3s is the best low ISO camera" when i know he meant low light (or high ISO) I have one, and it is the best investment I've made. Of course most of us can only dream of having 6, 70-200s or 5 D3s's, but then we aren't "on the line" like Bill is. Kelby training rocks.Jock

  2. One of the best classes I have watched on here. Thank you Mr Frakes, it is refreshing to watch someone that walks the talk. I am a wedding and portrait photographer in Northern Arizona and i just started shooting sports. Although I will not dump my Canon gear, I appreciate the raw broad base knowledge that you out there in this course. Job well done.

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