Premiere CC Beyond the Basics By Brandon Ford

1 hr 10 min

Premiere can handle most every video editing nightmare situation you can throw at it. From color matching footage, to eliminating shake, or even cleaning up audio problems.

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Opening Premiere Pro and quick overview of the previous class.
In this lesson Brandon Ford goes over how to dynamic linking to work with other Adobe products.
In this lesson Brandon Ford goes over how to correct improperly white balanced footage.
In this lesson BrandonFord goes over how to smooth out handheld shaky footage.
Brandon will walk you through how you can incorporate pictures in your video.
Brandon will show you how to add vignettes, and lens flares to make your footage special.
Brandon explains why and how to add bars and tone to your videos.
Brandon will walk you through how to use the multi cam editing workflow.
How and what types of music can you use.
Once your video is complete, your ready to export it to make a complete movie. Brandon will show you how.
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Brandon Ford


Brandon Ford is a field director, videographer, and an editor for KelbyOne. He's responsible for the incredible production quality you'll experience watching our on-location training classes. Before working for Scott Kelby's Video Team, Brandon thrived on the adrenaline and intensity of TV news. Covering everything from politics to ath...

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    Was kinda disappointed that the “Beyond the Basics” for Color correction was simply a quick overview of the Fast Color corrector and the instruction was, its all about feel and “just play with the sliders until you get it the way you want.” Was really hoping for a bit more. But, I guess for a 5-min video, you really cant go into any real detail on it.

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