Premiere CC In-Depth By Brandon Ford

1 hr

You’ll learn how to customize the interface to suit your needs and how to configure key settings to help you have a more enjoyable editing experience. Brandon also teaches you insider tips that will help you create more stylized looks for your footage just like a pro.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Brandon introduces the class, directs viewers where to find the basics classes, goes over what this class will cover.
This gives you the ability to create a stylized look on your footage by either slowing down or speeding up time.
This is a new feature that helps you deal with multiple cameras that are all recording audio and you need to synchronize them together without the aid of a slate.
There is a more efficient way to add the same type of effect to multiple clips.
Premiere creates cache files that can eat up your hard drive space. There are some basic housekeeping chores you can do to keep your computer running at top speed.
When you import footage into Premiere Pro it tracks the path to where that file is stored. If that changes outside of Premiere then it becomes considered offline.
Premiere's interface is highly customizable, which allow you to set things up to fit your needs and workflow.
Learn how to take advantage of the RGB Curves adjustment for color correction.
Adjustment layers give you the flexibility to adjust individual clips within a global adjustment.
Brandon walks you through the most important preferences you'll want to configure.
There are a whole host of reasons for why you want to manage your media.
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Brandon Ford


Brandon Ford is a field director, videographer, and an editor for KelbyOne. He's responsible for the incredible production quality you'll experience watching our on-location training classes. Before working for Scott Kelby's Video Team, Brandon thrived on the adrenaline and intensity of TV news. Covering everything from politics to ath...

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    Hi Brandon. This is a test of the comment system. I hope this comment alerts you via email. Please confirm if it does.

  2. Profile photo of cliver cliver

    REALLY excellent series! I’ve been using Premier Pro for two years, but never had been made aware of many time-saving and, in most cases, very simple time saving actions built into the pgm. Example- how to apply effects to multiple clips simultaneously. UNTIL I PLAYED THESE LESSONS, I DIDN’T KNOW HOW MUCH I WAS MISSING!

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