Premiere CC Basics, with Brandon Ford

Brandon Ford walks you through the basic steps in Premiere so you can feel more comfortable making your own videos.

Whether editing scenes from the latest Hollywood blockbuster film or creating a video for your kid’s birthday party, Premiere Pro is a powerful tool used by professional video editors all over the world. The program helps users have a smooth and efficient editing experience.

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Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: Welcome (Duration 00:42)

Brandon Ford welcomes viewers to his course.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Premiere Pro (Duration 09:33)

Introduction video Opening Premiere Pro and creating a new project, setting the scratch disk, and naming the project.

Lesson 3: What is a Sequence (Duration 05:36)

In this lesson Brandon Ford goes over how to choose the right Sequence Setting.

Lesson 4: Importing Media Assets (Duration 06:03)

In this lesson Brandon Ford goes over how to import files and explains various different file types, as well as shows you the basic layout in Premiere Pro.

Lesson 5: Organizing Your Footage (Duration 03:20)

In this lesson Brandon Ford goes over how to organize your project by creating bins and shows you a basic organized workflow.

Lesson 6: Preset Project Window Layout (Duration 06:35)

Brandon will walk you through in more detail the various windows that you will see and use in Premeire.

Lesson 7: Using the Timeline (Duration 07:14)

Following up with the previous lesson, Brandon will take you around the timeline and show you the various components that make it up.

Lesson 8: Shortcut Layouts (Duration 07:39)

Brandon will show you the preset shortcut layouts that you can use icluding layouts from other editing programs like Final Cut.

Lesson 9: Editing Video (Duration 05:43)

Learn how to bring footage onto your timeline, cut it up and move it around.

Lesson 10: Using Transitions (Duration 05:51)

In this lesson Brandon goes over how to add transitions to your video clips.

Lesson 11: Audio Overview (Duration 07:05)

Brandon goes over the basics of audio and how to edit it.

Lesson 12: Adding Text and Titles (Duration 06:11)

Learn how to go to add text and lowerthird titles to your videos in the titler.

Lesson 13: Exporting Video (Duration 05:33)

Once your video is complete, your ready to export it to make a complete movie. Brandon will show you how.

Meet Your Instructor: Brandon Ford

Brandon Ford is a field director, videographer, and an editor for KelbyOne. He's responsible for the incredible production quality you'll experience watching our on-location training classes. Before working for Scott…


  1. A little rough around the edges and left out controls for marking in/out insert etc..which I think is still basic and would not have taken more than five minutes. Overall a good start for anyone using Premiere Pro.

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