Premiere CC Basics By Brandon Ford

1 hr 16 min

Whether editing scenes from the latest Hollywood blockbuster film or creating a video for your kid’s birthday party, Premiere Pro is a powerful tool used by professional video editors all over the world. The program helps users have a smooth and efficient editing experience.

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Brandon Ford welcomes viewers to his course.
Introduction video Opening Premiere Pro and creating a new project, setting the scratch disk, and naming the project.
In this lesson Brandon Ford goes over how to choose the right Sequence Setting.
In this lesson Brandon Ford goes over how to import files and explains various different file types, as well as shows you the basic layout in Premiere Pro.
In this lesson Brandon Ford goes over how to organize your project by creating bins and shows you a basic organized workflow.
Brandon will walk you through in more detail the various windows that you will see and use in Premeire.
Following up with the previous lesson, Brandon will take you around the timeline and show you the various components that make it up.
Brandon will show you the preset shortcut layouts that you can use icluding layouts from other editing programs like Final Cut.
Learn how to bring footage onto your timeline, cut it up and move it around.
In this lesson Brandon goes over how to add transitions to your video clips.
Brandon goes over the basics of audio and how to edit it.
Learn how to go to add text and lowerthird titles to your videos in the titler.
Once your video is complete, your ready to export it to make a complete movie. Brandon will show you how.
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Brandon Ford


Brandon Ford is a field director, videographer, and an editor for KelbyOne. He's responsible for the incredible production quality you'll experience watching our on-location training classes. Before working for Scott Kelby's Video Team, Brandon thrived on the adrenaline and intensity of TV news. Covering everything from politics to ath...

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  1. Profile photo of Joseph Melee Joseph Melee

    Great class! Mr. Ford is obviously someone who is intimately familiar with Premiere Pro. I felt like I was learning from a guy who was giving me all the tips and the benefit of his mistakes from years of video editing. A natural instructor.

  2. Profile photo of jf1 jf1

    Lesson 6 opens with a clip in the timeline and the comment “Ok, now that we’ve created our timeline, made sequence . . . “.

    Problem is that none of the above was discussed or demonstrated. Big break in continuity!

  3. Profile photo of 773121 773121

    Fabulous! Two days ago it was like hearing a foreign language on any random video I found on the internet about making a video. Then I remembered I had kelbyone, DAH, and found the video section. I was sure it would take me months to sort it all out…but VOILA! I did my first video this morning (only three minutes with about 8 short clips), but I”m so impressed with Brandon for teaching me all these basics! My only confusion was the panels and placement of them. I know there is a way to make them into his ‘shape’ but haven’t figured it out yet. Best thing is at least I know what each one does, and how to use them! So happy!!! THANK YOU.

  4. Profile photo of Judy Huck Judy Huck

    Great lessons. My view is slightly different. There are two windows at the top and the area where the project, media browser, etc. are on the bottom left side. is there a way to change the workspace / view?

  5. Profile photo of Patrick Harrison Patrick Harrison

    This was a very well done video. I will look for more by Mr Ford. Thanks.

  6. Profile photo of krewemeister krewemeister

    Member # 1202439. I am having difficulty advancing beyond the introductory video of the courses I am attempting to view after I log in.

  7. Profile photo of 911706 911706

    I am very happy to see video help for Premiere Pro on this site. Really hope there will be more help like this on this topic to come.

  8. Profile photo of randypollock randypollock

    A little rough around the edges and left out controls for marking in/out insert etc..which I think is still basic and would not have taken more than five minutes. Overall a good start for anyone using Premiere Pro.

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