Painting In Photoshop - Tiburon By Bert Monroy

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Bert Monroy deconstructs the details that went into his Tiburon painting.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Start in illustrator to create a basic shape which will later be repeated in a pattern with modifications and variants.
Create the pattern of the tablecloth using a modified brush and several filters to combine with your illustrator shape. Use the distort tool get the actual shape.
Use a displacement map and filter to create bends in the tablecloth. Then add some highlights and shadows to have a full 3D effect.
Join Bert as he creates a custom brush for his pepper shaker, along with the noise and crystallize filters, and layers styles to create the shaker filled with pepper.
Learn how to start with a simple brick pattern to create a varied look to your brick walls. Some techniques used are the horizontal flip, eraser tool, monochromatic noise layer (for grout), the burn and dodge tool, and more.
Alpha channels are a key element for combining the large multiple Illustrator and Photoshop files into one cohesive piece with every element kept in perspective and in register.
Illustrator blend tool takes prominence in this lesson to create the trash can which is then brought into Photoshop as paths to add color, shadow, and other modifications.
Journey with Bert as he shows you his thought process and techniques experimented with to create brushed metal and graffiti. Explore numerous filters, brushes, blend modes, opacity levels and more.
Create a custom brush to draw leaves and create a happy little tree. First Bert draws the brush, the uses the brush engine to customize the look of the leaves. Layer styles complete the look.
Working much larger than necessary allows Bert to gets the high level of detail his pieces require. Bert teaches us how he created a light bulb with every detail clearly visible.
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Bert Monroy is considered one of the pioneers of digital art. His work has been seen in many magazines and scores of books. He has served on the faculty of many well known institutions, lectured around the world, written many books and appeared on hundreds of TV shows....

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