Painting In Photoshop - Damen By Bert Monroy

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Bert Monroy deconstructs the details that went into his Damen painting.

Video transcripts available with a subscription.

Bert shows you the lines of perspective he establishes, and the importance of getting it right-from the beginning with either single point perspective, or with multiple vanishing points which become the guides for creating the image.
Learn how to use clipping paths, edit the layers contained within a clipping group, and edit the base layer of a clipping group.
Here Bert creates layer comps within his clipping groups. Learn how to merge your layers together into a Layer Comp, while keeping all your layers intact below, allowing you the greatest flexibility in modifying your image.
Learn how Bert uses layer styles to give depth, dimension, and realism to a simple rounded rectangle, drawn with work paths and a carefully selected brush to create a rubber gasket and a rivet.
How light affects an object is an important aspect of your digital art. Follow along on this example where Bert demonstrates how to use global light to manipulate light and create the illusion of the third dimension.
Blending options on layer styles is important for photographers, especially when bracketing to get the right exposure. Using the blending options and the blend if channel sliders and by splitting the slider Bert eliminates the hard edge between the two im
Bert applies layer styles to a text layer, making effective use of the satin layer by way of editing the contours, color, size, to sketch in a design. The use of the satin layer style is shown in several examples.
The ability to separate the layer style from the layer to manipulate the layer style individually from the layer itself is demonstrated by Bert to create an image with two outer glows, one on each side, separate from each other.
Bert artfully explains how to create the illusion of damage by altering how the light hits the object.
Bert demonstrates how to maintain your light source (and where to place shadows) as well as how to further add realism to your shadows by altering its spread and softness.
Demystify the alpha channel and see how to use these channels for controlled selections.
Alpha channels take over where layer styles cannot reach. Use alpha channels to create highlights and shadows that exceed the reach of layers styles.
Calculations are further explained to perform all kinds of ''tricks '' with alpha channels. How to use channels to provide contrast to protect colors you want to protect and expose areas you want to effect.
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Bert Monroy is considered one of the pioneers of digital art. His work has been seen in many magazines and scores of books. He has served on the faculty of many well known institutions, lectured around the world, written many books and appeared on hundreds of TV shows....

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